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Posted on: Dec 6, 2018 at 4:47pm
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Posted by : Katie Moran

My name is Katie and my husband Chip and I are looking for a temporary full time nanny to take care of our 1 year old daughter, June and our 3 year old daughter, Lyla while our current nanny recovers from a serious car accident.  The minimum commitment we would need would be 2 months but could be up to 4 or 6 months. 

I work from home (I will have appointments outside of the home one or two days but otherwise I will be home upstairs in my office which is in the attic.  I also travel about once a month overnight) and will need someone about 35-45 hours/per week.  The hours will vary but most likely will be 8-9am-5pm, Monday- Friday. When I travel we may need someone as early as 7:30am, but again this would be only when I travel.  We are looking for someone to start January 2nd.  

We live in Maplewood and are looking for someone who is most importantly loving, kind and motherly to help raise our daughters for the next couple of months.  Although we only need someone temporarily, we want someone to click with us as we would welcome them as a new family member and hope they would still be an important parts of our lives.  Maybe a night or weekend babysitter?  

We are looking for someone who is extremely reliable, loyal, patient, trustworthy, honest, respectful, and energetic. Likewise we will treat this person with the same respect and love.  We would hope for this person to care for our daughters like their own. We would appreciate for them to do their laundry, feed them their meals, clean up after them and themselves, and lead a structured day that is educational and fun for them. Taking them to school, music class, the library or play dates, and creating a development curriculum for them will be part of their routine. We prefer someone who can drive and has a clean driving record. 

Our Christian faith is a big part of our lives, so would love for someone with similar beliefs to help raise our daughters if possible but obviously not required.  We would at least like someone who is comfortable saying prayers with them before their meals, etc. We also would love to have someone who likes dogs as we do have a small dog, Bernie. He is a King Charles Cavalier and is 7 years old.  He likes to spend his days sleeping, barking or playing in our fenced in backyard. He is an important part of our family! 

If you are interested, please reach out to me and I will send you an application to fill out. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks so much!

Katie, Chip, Lyla, June and Bernie 

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