Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my ad online? 20 days.

How much to post an ad?
$3.99 for 20 days. Many people from throughout the Jersey area come to our site to find local nanny, babysitting and many other local job ads.

What is the process of posting an ad?
- Click on "Submit an ad",
- Click submit at the bottom.
- Click on "Click here to submit payment" button - fill out form with credit card information. When you see the Success screen - you ad should be posted immediately.

Edit & removing your ad:

Why do I see charges on my online credit card statement, but my ad isn't posted? 
- 99% of the time these are only pending payments - it is possible that the credit card number was entered correctly, but your name and/or address was not, so it was declined on our end - but the authorization request shows on your online bill.  Make sure that you enter your address exactly how it appears on our statement.  So if it show 'Street' or ' Avenue' - don't abreviate 'St' or 'Ave'.

Please let us know if you get suspicious responses - we'll post it here as a warning for others:

How are you doing and how was your day,My name is Bryan Kelsey and i am urgently in need of a nanny for a 4 yrs old boy.A friend of mine saw your advert on and sent me your Number because am a very busy man. Am looking for someone who can be available for 4 days in a week and 5 hours on each days. and I'm willing to pay 450 weekly .txt me back with your full name,age and present location if interested in the job. Send Your CV Or Resume

Email suspicious responses to


Be careful of anyone with a @lycos email address.

Don't accept Partial payments - over any overpayment from someone from out of town.

How are you doing today? I want you to run an urgent errand immediately you receive the check in the mail today. Payment for your services is included within the money. However, I would prefer to pay you upon satisfactory completion of the tasks. So I have decided to pay you half now and half at then end just so there are no discrepancies. Go ahead and cash the check at your bank, Deduct $100 (partial payment for your services for this week) and then go to the nearest MoneyGram to do a money transfer. Send $2000 to my supplier at this address:

If someone mentions payment by cashier's check, MoneyGram or Western Union - it's a scam.

We've had several issues with Shakera Register - here's more info.

Keep it local - meet them in person.  Get references.