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Discussion: Need ideas for elderly mother

Thanks for the comments. I’m going to let him think his wishes will be fulfilled and determine what to do when the time comes which will probably be to sell the house and just manage the funds. When we were reviewing the documents before he signed them it was clear that I’m not legally bound to “save” the house for the boys. Selling is definitely an option, but I’m not going to try to get him to see his wishes aren’t reasonable. It’s futile and I don’t want him to spend his remaining time worried or angry or trying to find a legal means to prevent me from selling in the future if needed. I know my boys don’t want the house and using the funds in the future to make a down payment on their own house, or pay off student debt, is a tremendous gift from an uncle who loved them like they were his own.

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Discussion: South Orange BOT election


You wrote, "I wish there was an outlet that would just cut through the BS from both sides and stop posting full statements."

Village Green is not posting full statements as standalone pieces. We are fact-checking all submissions, linking to other reporting and working to update our reporting as we go. We encourage readers to read more than the headlines. Or posts are thoughtful and substantive. 

We do allow positive letters of support for candidates. But if someone sends us a letter or opinion piece with accusations, we ask for backup information and perform our own fact-checking.

Thanks so much.

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Discussion: The Mueller Report - non-exonerating content only
jamie said:
Sorry everyone - the other thread was a bit derailed - let's just discuss the findings on this one!

 I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour. 

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Discussion: Dandelions!

I started making these so am going through quite a few:

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Discussion: Panel votes to suspend Ms. Lawson-Muhammad

No it wouldn’t, and the superficial arguments here aren’t “challenging” in any way.  They’re unhinged ignorant bloviating.  Knowing nothing about the ethics committee, the role it plays in oversight, the rules that BOE members operate under, you question the integrity of a fair governing body based on nothing but the skin color of some current members.  It’s ridiculous.

The CCR has a history of stirring the pot.  I’ll never forget the Pai/Eastman/Bennett campaign where they tried to slander a local citizen and take down a guy whose major campaign position was to improve computer science education in local schools.  The CCR doesn’t care about improving educational opportunities for all kids, they care about keeping the subject on racial conflict.  They are a blight.

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Discussion: Unbef***ingleavable

Can it get any worse??  I don't recognize Israel any more.  

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Discussion: 2020 - Candidates

While I get that you don't get to say FU to someone on this board (as you said, it isn't NJ.com), I for one don't want nan banned, suspended or filtered out. Neither would I wish that on anyone here, including people we're just going to pretend joined 14 years ago and somehow felt compelled to start participating only in the politics section April 1st. But particularly nan.

If you wish to relegate politics to a sub-forum, so we can all participate in this love-fest without clogging up the homepage, I completely understand, but there has to be a way we can engage in these conversations when we must, even if it's only to vent our frustrations at the general effed-uppedness of the current political climate. While I do tend to disagree fundamentally with many of the positions raised here, by many posters, and while I do have to shake my head often at positions I would support were it not for the tone of the poster, I honestly find this to be one of the better forums I've belonged to for discussing politics and I've learned more from my neighbors and former neighbors here that it would a real shame to lose it.

I sure hope you weren't reading that last sentence out loud to anyone.

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Discussion: 2020 - Candidates
gvico said:

dave said:
If I create an Ignore Nan app I bet I could get 80% of people to use it here.
 If this was the South a while back, I can see you getting 80% on board a different solution to 'threats' to the community.

 But it's not; so you can't.  QED

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Discussion: GOP2019: Impeach? Or not?

He's a criminal who should be in a cell without hair products. And the temptation to impeach is strong. 

But Pelosi is right. Investigate the hell out of this dark period in American history and force him from office the "old fashioned way" as Mayor Pete says. He needs to be rejected outright and by large numbers in order for justice to prevail. 

As I've said earlier, I've been through Watergate, Iran Contra, and Iraq and this is surely the most morally bankrupt we've ever seen the GOP. 

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Discussion: Panel votes to suspend Ms. Lawson-Muhammad

No surprise, the CCR is once again stoking racial conflict.  They’re kiss-up/kick-down people, slandered locals in BOE elections for years, desperately trying to appear relevant.

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