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Discussion: "Pocahontas" Pwns President

This is all complete BS. We have a man in our oval office who claims to grab women by the p*ssy, hides his tax returns, is in love with bad guys like Russia and North Korea, was helped by the Russians to get elected, lost the popular vote by 3.5 million votes, went bankrupt six times, is a casino boss carny and a game show host, paid a sex worker over 100 grand to cheat on his wife with, publicly mocks people by calling them horrible little names like a schoolyard bully, does the complete opposite of unifying our country, and people are arguing about Warren quoting a family legend about ancestry, and then actually confirms it? WTF? This is ridiculous. 

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Discussion: "Pocahontas" Pwns President

While it was an odd claim for her to make - it came from somewhere - she'll be running against a man with multiple accusations of sexual assault, an admission of sexual assault on video tape, multiple campaign associates who have been found guilty or accepted a plea deal, and has multiple tax evasion charges pending.

I don't see how people consider her claim of NA heritage, which has scientifically been confirmed, as disqualifying.

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Discussion: "Pocahontas" Pwns President

Stiormey Daniels just punked him. He called her, “ Horseface.”   She responded, “Game on, Tiny.”

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Discussion: GOP2018: Brawlin' Jamal Rumbled With 15 Security Dudes​

Lighten up, Francis. Graveyard humor is all some of have left to believe in.

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Discussion: "Pocahontas" Pwns President

If you take a look at the video she has up at elizabethwarren.com where she explains her Native American ancestry.  All theses folks showing some percentages of how much Indian is she is nonsense .  

I recommend watching the video.  Warren is one of the great Americans in my book and diminishing what she’s been able to accomplish and how hard she fights for the middle and working class is counterproductive. 

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Discussion: Amateur homesteading

I’m glad you liked it.  The original recipe I came across called for half a vanilla bean.  Don’t get me wrong, it smelled wonderful.  But it wasn’t budget friendly. Of course, the only store I was able to find vanilla beans in was Whole Foods, if I could find them somewhere else at a lower cost I might consider adding it in again.  But even without the orange and cinnamon smell lovely together and do a great job cleaning stuff. 

It’s getti colder here.  I don’t plan on heating the coop or adding light bulbs. Both work to keep the chill off, but if you lose power and aren’t able to get a back up source running then they can  suffer since they haven’t adjusted, and the sudden change can even force them into a molt, which could be fatal mid winter.  Allowing them to adjust to the cold gradually and just making sure that they don’t have a draft on them at night seems to be the better method for us.  It isn’t that cold at night, but to prepare them, and me, for the winter routine I’ve been closing them in the coop at night and shutting their pop door, and then letting them out in the morning.  They have ventilation, but it is at the top of the coop to encourage ammonia fumes to escape while not catching the birds in a draft.  I’m told that if the temperature drops super low putting Vaseline on their combs and wattles will help protect them from frost bite.  So long as they’ve had a chance to harden off naturally their feathers will do the rest.

One thing about not having artificial heat or light is that they will naturally slow down or even stop laying eggs.  For production hens this is bad, but these girls are more pets than livestock, so I’m okay with allowing their bodies to take a break.  Some people say that giving them the winter off means they’ll lay eggs longer in life, and also have a longer lifespan.  I don’t know if either statement is actually true or not.  

There are a lot of power losses out there.  Even in the summer they’re problematic since we all have private wells.  No power = no running water.  We have a generator, as do most of our neighbors.  Our one neighbor has lived here for years.  He only bought a generator only a few months ago.  Apparently he was debating starting amps, running power, and a bunch of other things that went over my head.  Turns out that he is an electrical engineer.  I can’t imagine dealing with regular power outages for years before finally buying a back up.  On the other hand, I have been guilty of overthinking things many times myself.  

PS, please excuse any glaring typos.  We’ve moved a bunch of things around the past few days and the computer is still disconnected and sitting on the floor.  Typing a short post on the phone is one thing, anything over a paragraph and it starts to get difficult for my middle aged eyes to catch all the typos and autocorrects. 

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Discussion: Who does your annual boiler service?
bub said:

master_plvmber said:
Does anyone happen to care what a service provider does when called to perform these seasonal maintenance services? Or is it just about choosing the lowest price?
 I Care.  Does your web site have an itemized list of what your company does?


Gas-fired steam boiler tune up



-Thermostat operation

-Emergency power switch 

-Boiler power switch

-Visual Water leak inspection

-Carbonized heat exchanger

-Gas leaks  

-Vent damper

-Spill switch 

-Roll out switch 

-Thermocouple amperage reading

-Clock gas meter

-CO test

-Draft test

-Gas leak test

-Carbonized heat exchanger




-Pigtail(s) -Automatic make-up water feeder


-Gas control valve / gas manifold pressure reading

-Remove and clean burners

-Chimney base, check for debris, clean out door

-Sight glass assembly, tube and seals 

-Fresh air intake calculation

-Gas piping / valve tagging 

-Combustion Analysis (optional w/ fee)

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Discussion: What is being said in the Rose Garden? What's happening in Washington?

For 55 cents, I can have a letter delivered by the USPS to any address in the United States and it will arrive there in 2 days.  How much does it cost to send a letter by Fedex?

The USPS is an absolute bargain.

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Discussion: Neighbor's tree crashed on my slate roof garage.

I’m so sorry this happened, and thankful you weren’t hurt.  

ETA- Regarding the other trees that you believe pose a threat to your house and are pleading about with your neighbors - please put your concerns in writing to them and attach the pics of the damage to your garage.  

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Discussion: "Pocahontas" Pwns President

I can't believe all the people falling for the pitiful GOP counter-attack that this makes Senator Warren look bad.  

I was the Republicans, all the time, who made a big deal about this.  The slimy Scott Brown started it, and Trump grabbed it.  Trump took it to even lower levels of scumminess (remember when he referenced her with a "Pocahontas crack in a ceremony honoring Navajo code talkers?).  All Warren did was say, "Fine, if you think DNA is so important, here it is."  She never says that makes her eligible for tribal membership (she says the exact opposite).  If she hadn't done this, Trump would keep on with his disgusting cracks about it and his fans would keep cheering for it.

The new line, that DNA means nothing and that Warren is disrespectful to Native Americans, is a load of cr*p that nobody should dignify by criticizing Warren.  She never said DNA was important, the Trump fanatics did.  It's ridiculous to let the GOP get away with pretending that they're not responsible for whatever "disrespect" anybody sees in all of this.

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