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Discussion: Local Village Mom and Pop coffee vendors to remain open

I think you're missing the point. It isn't Starbucks who systemically mistreats black people. It's the American public. Police officers can tell you about the number of calls they get from people worried about black people doing totally normal things.

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Discussion: How Veteran Fighter Pilot Tammy Jo Shults Saved Crippled Southwest Flight 1380

Even after the seat belt light goes out, I always keep my belt on whenever I fly, because when $hit happens it usually seems to come from nowhere.  I do not know if the poor woman who lost her life on this flight would have been saved; she was nearly sucked out of the plane when shrapnel broke the window glass at her seat.

thedailybeast.com:  Masterclass:  How Veteran Fighter Pilot Tammy Jo Shults Saved Crippled Southwest Flight 1380 


Just how masterfully Tammy Jo Shults, the pilot of the badly crippled Southwest Airlines Flight 1380, handled the problem of an engine exploding at 30,000 feet is winning admiration from thousands of her fellow pilots—and should finally help to temper the hubris of what has been a notoriously testosterone-charged profession.

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Discussion: I wish to run for Maplewood Township Committee


I believe you should run. I was a losing candidate in a Board of Ed. election 45 years ago. At candidate forums, I learned about problems and concerns about Millburn public schools. I learned that I didn't have all the answers. And I learned that I didn't have to win to have my ideas accepted.

I was, and still am, interested in education. What should be taught? Why it is important and how things could be taught. My platform proposed credit for independent study outside the school. I proposed pass/fail courses. I lost the election...came in dead last out of a slate of 6. 

But damn. Next year, the Board of Ed. proposed and passed both of my proposals.

So go for it. You will be encouraged. You will be criticized. You will learn new stuff when you get asked questions about finance, pot holes, zoning and who knows, what else. You may lose. You may even get the least amount of votes. Or maybe you will even end up being mayor in 6 or 8 years.

Figure out what ideas you have for the town. Identify what you think is good about the town that you can support. When you have done this, you will be the best candidate you can be.

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joan crystal
Discussion: I wish to run for Maplewood Township Committee
HarleyQuinn said:

ml1 said:
author said:
ml1 said:
LOST said:
ml1 said: someone running for office ought to have a few general ideas of what he or she thinks is important.  It's not an outrageous thing to ask for, even at the petition stage of the campaign.
 I'd think that this is one for Capt. Obvious.
 apparently not obvious to author 
 I think we need a level playing field here.  Since they are already declared and have the golden nomination, what have we heard from the other two candidates?  What do we know about their intentions?  What does Greg have in mind besides being the next Mayor?  I really wish the people of the Township had the power to vote on that matter and not the TC members.  We really are grown ups and should be given our choice. And Ms Adams.......I think I read part of her platform had to do with controlling pedestrian traffic on Maplewood Ave.   All of which reminds me of Ms.Trump proposal to control cyber bullying. I've heard that all of politics is local.   Hopefully we can improve that scenario,
ask them.  I can assure you they have very specific ideas and priorities.
 Do you know when will they announce it publicly ?? 


Nancy and Greg are incumbents running on their records.  Informed voters already know where each of them stands on the issues. Less informed voters can easily determine the incumbents' positions  with a little research.  Candidate's website, candidate profiles in local media, candidate's response to questions asked during the debates will be a good indicator of where each stands on the major issues of the day.  As a challenger, you don't have the advantage of having a record to run on.  Therefore, you need to be up front about where you stand on key issues and share this information with the electorate earlier in the election process.

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joan crystal
Discussion: I wish to run for Maplewood Township Committee

Ileana:  Not all questions you will be asked on the campaign trail will be about the issues.  You need to be able to answer more personal questions as well.  One question you need to be prepared to answer is how you as a single mom of elementary school age children will be able to attend all of meetings and functions required of a TC member while meeting your family responsibilities.  Greg and Nancy have already demonstrated their ability to do this.  

FYI time requirements for TC members are not limited to the TC meetings held two evenings a month.  Each TC member also serves on a number of boards and committees, some of which can be very time consuming; attends a variety of functions and community meetings, meets with counterparts in other jurisdictions, etc. The number of hours required really add up.

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Discussion: Hillary for President

I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Now I want her to slink away and stay quiet and not come back.

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Discussion: Trump has ordered strikes against Syria

Smedley said:
What is a knee-jerk reaction is when loathers of trump reflexively take issue with everything trump does as president, because he is trump. 

I'd like to see a list of good, thoughtful, forward-thinking things he's done that we've not given him due credit.

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Discussion: Pickles and Oreos

Fair enough but I like the sound of soy milk better. Giving up dairy was a challenge. As a kid I guzzled quarts of milk. So I allowed myself to believe that there is a magical animal named the Soy. It gives bountifully of its milk without ever suffering. It is second cousin to the Unicorn. And it gives birth to Tofu Pups. You can eat them and they are reborn. Second cousin to the Phoenix.

drummerboy said:
You mean soy juice?  cheese
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Discussion: Bad Traffic Flow on Maplewood Ave

mrmaplewood said:

Stopping to do business at the post office is a problem as there is no convenient way to turn around and go back again unless you go out of your way and proceed all the way up to Ridgewood Ave, then over to Baker and back down again.  There should be an easy alternative, but I can't think of it.

You go up Maplewood about 15 yards, turn left into the top end of the NJ Transit parking lot, then make a right at the parking lot's exit. Takes less than a minute.

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