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Discussion: Re: Donations for Frank.

rcarter31 said:

This story is a full page front of The NYTimes Metropolitan Section for Sunday April 14!

It was a good article.  I imagine the Essex County prosecutor will have a hard time getting a jury to convict Sanchez.

I also can't imagine why anybody would want to work in public education anymore.  Unless, of course, you enjoy being collateral damage in culture wars.

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Discussion: War in the Middle East

Jaytee said:

Over 300 missiles, drones and assorted explosive devices launched by Iranian military towards Israel in one day, and 99% are destroyed before they do any damage. I think that’s success ain’t it? Let’s see what Israel does in retaliation, I’m betting whatever they do will cause mass hysteria among the people who would love to see Israel defeated and wiped off the face of the earth. As for the hostages, they were dead long ago, the ones returned to Israel were lucky. There’s nothing left to barter with Hamas. It’s full scale war onwards, and I’m afraid that includes Iran. Prophecy must be fulfilled….

You don't think Iran didn't know exactly how unsuccessful this attack would be? This was clearly just a save face response from Iran, and Israel, or Bibi, would be foolish to respond in a big way.

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Discussion: What does Putin want (and whatabout it)

I was right to stay out of this thread for so long.

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Discussion: Anyone got new (allergy friendly) recipes for Seder?

Already sourced and put aside for collection tomorrow  :D Aren’t local supermarket staff wonderful? (Meant sincerely) They’ll stretch in almost any direction to help their community. 
This didn’t need that much extra effort however the sweet assistant even mentioned 2 other nearby stores that might help in case they ran out. 

mjc said:

Can you get them there?  Not sure they would arrive on time (or whole) from here

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Discussion: Recommendation for Attorney for wills

I NEED THE SAME SERVICE!  So if any of you do this for a living or know someone who does, there's are many of us out here -- willing to pay and to be grateful to you forever!

Please think hard and give us both a hand -- we'll give you one back!   =D>  ^:)^   =D>

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Discussion: Roundup Alternative: Weed Torch?

marksierra said:

What about just pouring boiling water over the weeds?  Pouring the water from a kettle does the job nicely for me.

Yeah but it feels like pain to have to boil and lug out a kettle to kill them eeevill weeeds.  Plus there's so much of them.  And torching just seems so effective.  And fun.  Like nuking a zombie horde...

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Discussion: The Uncaged Bird -Hummingbird feeder is up!

I love my sparrows but Oh You Kid! 

I used to see the occasional Downy Woodpecker but putting this suet cake in a convenient spot both for the birds and the viewer, me, has been a treat. The male and female are here constantly. 

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: Listening to voters’ concerns

mtierney said:

The Big Guy demonstrates why Congress should tailor-make an aid bill for Ukraine and Israel — and not a giant goody bag — Immigration should be a stand-alone bill — it is that important to American voters and America’s future.

Moment of Truth on Ukraine and Israel

I get the sense that 1) you don't understand how Congress works and 2) you don't understand how your Republican party works.

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Discussion: What does Putin want (and whatabout it)

If Vance, or anyone else claiming that they simply want to avoid war and end aggression were for real, they would be arguing for air defense and other defensive aid and against offensive aid. If they think Ukraine should give up territory for peace, that’s far  more likely to happen if Ukrainians feel safe in their free cities and that Russia will not steal more land.

You don’t see Vance arguing that. There’s no concessions he feels Russia must offer. There’s no aid or support he feels the U.S. should offer Ukraine. Because what he is arguing for is Ukrainian surrender. Russia is the aggressor, and he believes Russia should win. That’s a pro-war position.

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Discussion: Back in the swamp…

Looks great guys. 

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