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Discussion: It’s Been So Humid ...

It's been so humid I bought a box of raisins and today I have a bunch of grapes.

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Discussion: Mr. Morrell witch hunt

This belongs in the MOL Hall of Fame for F$%ked Up Threads. I can't believe I'm reading  that someone thinks consuming child pornography is fine as long little Johnny Genius gets the best physics teacher. Maybe what's needed is a stronger ethics education.

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Elle Cee
Discussion: Does anyone here believe that not impeaching is a good idea? If so I'd like to hear your thoughts.

I believe that Nancy Pelosi is strategically timing the impeachment process.  My guess is that she is going to give the go-ahead within the time frame where the impeachment proceedings would most likely still be underway on the eve of the presidential election.  In this way, the inevitable Senate vote against impeachment would not take place before the election, and our leader would not able to claim exoneration.  Meanwhile, impeachment proceedings will allow the House to impress as much as possible on the American public the extent of our leader's malfeasance. Assuming that this is indeed her strategy, it seems smart to me.  

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Discussion: US not sure that drone was in international airspace

If an Iranian drone was flying off American shores we would use that for a precept for war international waters or no.

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Discussion: There was a drone in my airspace!?

Earlier this year, two people near my neighborhood were racing their drones over some open fields. These were definitely small ones, limited range, probably just holiday presents they decided to take out on a clear Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately I happened to be walking my already nervous dog, and these things were flying low, no higher than 40 feet, and they were LOUD, too and basically left my dog shaking and freaking out. I would have loved to have said something to the operators, but I was too busy dealing with my 60lb freaked out dog and just wanted to get her out of there. So for those who do have little fun drones, please think of those who really don't understand what these things are, or find somewhere you can't disturb other animals.

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Discussion: Who Meddled more Putin or Trump? The Collusion Thread visits Venezuela

Thread drift.  Anyone interested in these tee shirts?  Let me know either here or via message.

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Discussion: Argh - coworkers

I just want to post here so no one thinks I'm ignoring them.

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