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Discussion: Israel

I know plenty of American Jews who are currently rallying around the good old "I Support Israel" meme-fest in the last few days.

I am not one of them.   I certainly abhor the bombing going on but Israel owns responsiblity for this latest round of insanity... lock, stock, and barrel.   

When you bully people out of their homes, run around in the streets in mobs targeting Palestinians and beat them, destroy their businesses, and mock them about placing bullets in their heads, you have crossed the line completely.   There is no easy way to say it but a wide swath of  Israelis in the last few days have turned into the Nazis on Kristallnacht.   Their conduct is beyond shameful and any American Jew who condones this ugliness by immediately skipping to outrage over bombing...needs to get their humanity checked.   

It didn't need to be like this.   The bombs hitting Tel Aviv - and the no doubt over the top response - was ALL caused by Israel.  All of it.

No doubt there will be some sort of rally in NYC coming up shortly asking for support for Israel.   I won't be there.   

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

nohero said:
Not to be the bearer of bad news, but people who claim that Trump was making peace in Israel or made the vaccine possible are not going to bother with actual sources of information.

 Well, obviously, but I like to provide the rebuttal for practice and posterity.

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Discussion: Did the CDC jump the gun?

terp said:

BTW:  the CDC is about a year late on the mask mandate.  Anyone who is wearing maks outdoors at this point should check themselves into a mental facility.

 If being concerned for the welfare of others makes one a candidate for residence in a mental facility, there is something fundamentally wrong with a society that would set such a standard.

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Discussion: Did the CDC jump the gun?

I've come to a different mental space when it comes to the issue of vaccine hesitancy. I've been working in the Paterson Housing Authority buildings and while there was a concerted effort to bring the vaccine to that population directly (around mid-February), there was still some resistance. I've heard estimates of 20-20% of the residents refusing the vaccine (data from the building management staff). We tried to present information leading up to the visits, made all kinds of notices to make it convenient, right in the buildings themselves.

Many people just won't. You make no sales trying to argue with them, and certainly showing any disdain really turns them off so we have to try harder to understand them and try to employ techniques such as motivational interviewing to gently nudge them towards considering it. Paterson has even come up with a survey to try and gather some data to see if it helps them craft a better message. I've spent the last couple of weeks just trying to get people to take the survey.


It isn't so simple to just call them idiots. Some have real health concerns, like the person I spoke with for a good 30 minutes last week. She was concerned about the risk of organ damage and was adamant that they don't yet know enough about those vaccines' safety. She lost a kidney 7 years ago and doesn't want to risk it and no young white guy is gonna convince her otherwise. Some people are sick of the rancor. Some people don't know about medicine and are rightly suspicious of how people who look like they do are treated. The information doesn't always coincide from platform to platform. Plus, when new data comes about and groups like the CDC change guidance it is easy to just lump that in with things that are confusing.

There's the "First they said this and now they say..." type responses and unfortunately, open & forthright reporting about adverse reactions to getting vaccinated contributes to hesitancy. I mean "Okay then, so why do they have people wait around after the shot to make sure they're okay? I don't have to do that when I get a flu shot? Who the hell ever heard of a shot doing this to you?"

If a person is not able to consume and interpret medical information, things like that can't be easy to set aside.

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Discussion: Trump maintains a hold on the GOP

Smedley said:

So (I think) you're saying a strategy of lying will be effective. What is your factual basis for that assumption?

 Effective in winning over a majority of Americans? No. Effective in discouraging enough people to vote so that, in combination with voter suppression laws and extreme gerrymandering they can still win enough votes in a handful of places to win the electoral college despite alienating most Americans? Too likely for comfort.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

Misogynistic means sexist, specifically denigrating to women, not racist. And when You refer to men (especially of a certain rank) using their last name and women (of a similar rank) with their first name you are diminishing them. You might not recognize that. I did not until my adult children pointed it out to me. So I am now pointing it out to you and everyone else on this thread. 
I am also confused because you mention in October 2020 there were no vaccines in the pipeline? Three Vaccines were in late term trials at that time. And less was known about how the virus was spread? The CDC had been recommending mask wearing since March 2020. All these people had to do was wear a piece of cloth over their face for a few hours to protect other people and they couldn’t even be bothered. That is how much they care about other people. 

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

 It is the progressives and liberals here who are so fixated on Trump, they can’t think straight. Time for them to realize that neglecting the present direction of the Democratic Party due to their Trumpian Fixation Disorder, they are unaware of what is happening right under their noses in Washington. Free speech, freedom of expression, forming opinions not previously approved by others, love for our country, are all on the chopping block.There are many people  wary of much of the new decrees in the Woke Manifesto, etc. It’s  beginning to sound like Socialism’s rise in the 1930s.

 this, by the way, is not a post by a "conservative". It's a screed by a right-winger.

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Discussion: The Uncaged Bird - We birders are sighting some amazing birds this Spring!

RobertRoe said:

I saw a very sharp-looking bird at my bird feeder today.  It was about the size and beak of a sparrow but had a white face and a sharp black stripe then dark on the rest of the head.  I am not a birder, but this bird looked very nice and I do not recall seeing them before.  

 I only put out a little food into the bird feeder when I want to attract birds.   I saw too many rats at bird feeders when the feeder is overfull and lots of seed falls to the ground.  Also, I had to put cooking oil on the feeder metal stake pole so the squirrels could not climb it.  It was funny watching the squirrels try to climb the metal stand, only to slide down much like a fireman on a firehouse pole.  

 I don't try to outsmart the squirrels but this little bandit is ready for Cirque du Soleil.

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Discussion: Retro TV

Formerlyjerseyjack said:

Ya wanna go retro? Lets go back to when my father brought home the first tv in the neighborhood. It was a 12" Fada. There were 7 channels, unlike when Pink refers to "13 channels of **** on the tv to turn to." There were 13 on the knob but only 7 of 'em did anything.

--- and they all went off at midnight with the Star Spangeled, then a test pattern until 6 a.m.

Uncle Miltie was the best. ( At age 4, Milton Berle was the model for Buster Brown shoes.) There was also Arthur Godfrey talent show on Monday and Arthur Godfrey on Wednesday. 

Andy Devine had a kids show on Saturday mornings. Howdy Doody was on weekday evenings at 6:00.

Captain Video saved us from space invaders. He was on Channel 5 at 7 P.M. Even my 7th grade art teacher watched Captain Video.

Couple'a years later, came the cowboy shows. Roy, Gene and Hoppy. -- and a few years later, the first "adult" cowboy show, Gunsmoke... in black and white with Chester as the sidekick before Festus. Side fact; Festus, played by Ken Curtis was one of the lead singers with the Sons of the Pioneers. The first lead singer of "Sons" was Roy Rogers.

I will leave you with my memory of Elvis on Ed Sullivan. I did not see Elvis on Steve Allen's show. Steve was broadcast too late at night and I was still a tyke.

 There never was and never will be a more charismatic TV star as Oliver Dragon, of Kukla, Fran and Ollie. I rest my case.

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Discussion: Did the CDC jump the gun?

Still not understanding how masks are so onerous for people. I’m glad my medical professionals don’t feel that way.

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