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Discussion: Maplewoodstock

Just walking around today made me feel so happy.  So many people, so many different people, just an incredible panorama of people.  

Maybe we do live in a bubble.  It's the best bubble, if that's true.

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Discussion: The Putin Summit - God help us.
cramer said:
The far-left is doing high fives. Even Gingrich, some anchors on Fox, and many Republicans are condemning what Trump did yesterday, but the far-left is celebrating. 

Oh please, so after this Trump performance you think the most newsworthy fact is that the far-left is basically saying "I told you so"? Well, they did, and they were right. And the GOP supported Trump and will continue to support him and therefore deserve to be voted out of office, every single one of them.

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Discussion: The Putin Summit - God help us.
Vacanculo said:

 If you need a refresher during President Obama's first term he had all 3 houses as well.

 To this point, Obama had control of the House for 2 out of his 8 years and full control (that is, enough Senators -60 - to override a filibuster) for only 4 months out of those 8 years. So technically, in 8 years of office, Obama had a 4 month window to push his agenda through without having to compromise to the Republicans.

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Discussion: Maplewoodstock

The rest of the committee are:  Katie Clayton, Kevin Chandler, Tarquin Learned, Jim Robertson and Kerry Miller.  Everyone has their area of expertise that makes the festival possible.

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Discussion: U.S. Indicts 12 Russian Military Officers for DNC Hacking

Please don’t feed the troll

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Discussion: SOMSD Changes
brealer said:
but institutional racism.


An excerpt:

I am white. I write and teach about what it means to be white in a society that proclaims race meaningless, yet remains deeply divided by race. A fundamental but very challenging part of my work is moving white people from an individual understanding of racism—i.e. only some people are racist and those people are bad—to a structural understanding. A structural understanding recognizes racism as a default system that institutionalizes an unequal distribution of resources and power between white people and people of color. This system is historic, taken for granted, deeply embedded, and it works to the benefit of whites.

The two most effective beliefs that prevent us (whites) from seeing racism as a system are:

  1. that racists are bad people and
  2. that racism is conscious dislike;

if we are well-intended and do not consciously dislike people of color, we cannot be racist. This is why it is so common for white people to cite their friends and family members as evidence of their lack of racism. However, when you understand racism as a system of structured relations into which we are all socialized, you understand that intentions are irrelevant. And when you understand how socialization works, you understand that much of racial bias is unconscious. Negative messages about people of color circulate all around us. While having friends of color is better than not having them, it doesn’t change the overall system or prevent racism from surfacing in our relationships. The societal default is white superiority and we are fed a steady diet of it 24/7. To not actively seek to interrupt racism is to internalize and accept it.

The paper: https://libjournal.uncg.edu/ijcp/article/viewFile/249/116

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Discussion: SOMSD Changes
nan said:
Did they get rid of IB at the middle school?  Was not a fan. 

They did, about five minutes after its champion, Dr. Osborne, left. All those parents and community members whose concerns were dismissed out of hand for years by the board because they were just too ignorant or shortsighted to understand IB's massive benefits got retroactively smart, I guess.

The IB program in general might be effective and enlightening, but the way it was introduced and implemented here, the only question was how much time and money we'd waste before chucking it. 


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Discussion: The Putin Summit - God help us.

Trump is worse than treasonous in the sense that he cares about nothing but being the center of attention. 

Now, talking with Putin is fine. Not really having a plan is not fine. And trashing our NATO allies is crazy unless you think we can hide behind our moats circa the 1930’s. 

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Discussion: When did they change the July 4 policies?

The committee needs to decide what they want the celebration to be.  

A more commercialized boardwalk/amusement park setup or a less commercialized small town celebration?

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Discussion: Maplewoodstock

I don't know everyone involved with Maplewoodstock every year but I do know that Gary Shippy, Drew Dix, Tom Kerns, and Jamie Ross continue to work tirelessly to put on this incredible event...for free.  I don't think anyone has any idea how many hours they put into this, sweating the details, sweating the heat, sweating the rain, and coordinating something that has become an institution for Maplewood, creating notoriety for our town well beyond our borders.

Thank you, gentlemen, and apologies to all the others who I don't know.  Please add to my list of volunteers if you have those names.

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