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Discussion: The National Emergency Thread
drummerboy said:
yeah, people is still singular.
Anyway, looks like Trump is going to declare a National Emergency.
Fun times ahead.

 Awesome. I expect the next Democratic president to declare a national emergency to deal with gun violence 

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Discussion: The National Emergency Thread
Robert_Casotto said:
The sheer collection of intellect gathered on these pages brings me to tears, actually.

And the sheer collection of comments you add containing zero substantive content appears to further validate this research:


Trolls just want to have fun

In two online studies (total N = 1215), respondents completed personality inventories and a survey of their Internet commenting styles. Overall, strong positive associations emerged among online commenting frequency, trolling enjoyment, and troll identity, pointing to a common construct underlying the measures... cyber-trolling appears to be an Internet manifestation of everyday sadism.

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Discussion: Winter Weather Advisory: Snow, Sleet, Rain Tuesday Feb 12
max_weisenfeld said:

 tough love weather daddy squelches false hopes

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Discussion: Physician assisted suicide -- your thoughts.

Ledger has had a  couple of articles on this issue, now that it has been reintroduced to the legislature.

Your thoughts?

Mine? The same as abortion. If you don't believe in it, just don't do it. Don't use your beliefs to deprive others of their rights.

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Discussion: Breadstand Open!

The Breadstand opened today on Boyden between Jacoby and Menzel. Went for some coffee and pastries. Bought a loaf of whole wheat sourdough, delicious. So excited to have a place to grab a coffee and breakfast in walking distance in Hilton!

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Discussion: The challenges facing Pope Francis, Catholics and Christians world wide
Robert_Casotto said:
Our Father
Who Art in Heaven
Hallowed Be Thy Name

 Please don't post on this thread.

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Discussion: Dealing with undocumented workers - we need a strong labor movement
Red_Barchetta said:I don’t think the teachers union is the right focus for this discussion.   I happen to believe theirs is the example many people would cite when expressing animosity towards unions in general.  

I’ll start finding complaints about the excesses of teachers unions more convincing, I think, when college grads start flocking to the cushy jobs and compensation.

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Discussion: 2020 - Candidates

People really need to remember that Trump got 3 million less votes. His "election" was a mathematical fluke.

He's not nearly as powerful a campaigner as people are giving him credit for.

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Discussion: Winter Weather Advisory: Snow, Sleet, Rain Tuesday Feb 12

Harriet said:
Any thoughts on the best time to shovel?  There doesn't seem to be much accumulation, but we don't want to wait until there's a layer of ice.


It is miserable out there now. I am taking the risk and leaving it to tomorrow. Temps will be over freezing by midnight or before, and I am hoping most of it washes away.

Note this is a personal opinion not a forecast!  :D 

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Discussion: Will never vote for Progressives

Sorry, but this center left Democratic voter will never vote for progressive candidates.  I will, however, vote against Republican offerings until such a time as the Republican Party rejoins reality.  And I won't vote for lunatic fringe candidates like Jill Stein.

I can't quite abide  the apparent hatred of capitalism and embrace of ideals with the sophistication of high school social justice warriors.


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