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Discussion: 6,000,000

I had Covid for about a month, 5 weeks if you count the lingering symptoms that stay after you test negative. My first positive test was Oct-21. 

It was a mild case, felt like had a mild flu for the first 10 days, then it felt like a mild cold.  Never lost sense of smell or taste. After I tested negative, the cough and the fatigue remained. Only missed one day of work from feeling sick. As of a few days ago, I think I'm back to 100%. I started exercising again. 

Spoke to my cardiologist about exercising, about the embolisms and the other heart ailments that are a result of Covid. He said mild cases, low instances of heart ailments. Severe cases, more likely heart symptoms. He said start exercising slowly. 

As of now, I feel very lucky and very good. Its good to be active again. 

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Discussion: Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

joanne said:

Dave Prowse, the original Darth Vader, at age 85 yrs. 



He received an MBE for his road safety work:


 A bodybuilding champion, discovered by Stanley Kubrick for A Clockwork Orange, taught all us kids in the UK how to cross the road safely through a series of PSA's in school and on TV, played Darth Vader and trained Christopher Reeve for his Superman role, and by all accounts a thoroughly fine chap who somehow fell out with Lucas and was even banned from attending Star Wars conventions. There is a documentary called I Am Your Father that goes into detail, but I haven't seen it here.

RIP Lord Vader, you both helped me cross the busy streets of London and scared the bejaysus outta me.

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Discussion: No microwave?

Since I don’t use a toaster every day, but also don’t want to unplug it and cart it into the other room (no available cabinet space in the kitchen), the flip up toaster/air fryer seemed like a good compromise.  

This is where the microwave used to be, with the old toaster perched on top.  I had zero use of this countertop then.

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Discussion: COVID-19

joanne said:

drummerboy said:

 Dunno. Never really had the need to take one. I'm having surgery on Thursday, so that's why I got this one.

 Hope all goes smoothly.

Thanks. Hip replacement. Should be ok.

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Discussion: Science! (Herd Immunity)


Just wanted to say the info you provided on what can impact COVID severity/mortality is fascinating.

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Discussion: Rose Garden and Washington happenings in “new normal” times

Red_Barchetta said:

In using the pronoun 'IT', gender is not what I mean to be unspecific about.  

 I know. It's dehumanizing. It's reducing a human being to the level of an object such as a cup or a fridge magnet. It's what sociopaths do to justify in their minds all kinds of cruel acts to fellow humans. "It" is how white American slavers viewed black people. "It" is how serial killers describe their victims. I'm mostly certain you're neither of those, Red_Barchetta, so why use "It"?

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Discussion: Science! (Herd Immunity)


I think we can agree that no mandate or recommendation protects anyone, it's compliance with same that does.  And I'm not seeing the level of compliance you're seeing, especially among young people.  Especially since the school year started, whenever I see a clump of teens together, invariably only a minority of them are masked.   There's also half-assed useless "compliance" like the mask under the nose look I see so often.   

Re the squad, yes we have n95 masks and better.  The conclusion is that good masks work, not that no masks work.  Do you disagree based on my own and my squad's experience that good masks are highly effective?  Give me an alternative theory to explain our experience.

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Discussion: Science! (Herd Immunity)

Terp, perhaps you missed my comments about how no one on my first aid squad has contracted a single case of Covid from treating and transporting people who are by definition the sickest Covid patients (coughing, labored breathing etc.) in contrast to the experience of the President and his mask-mocking circle.  If the difference is not explained by masks, please give me an alternative explanation.  I'm all for reasoned debate and against the worship of sacred cows but the continued attack on mask-wearing is strictly for the loony.   

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Discussion: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

I just rescued this LP from my mom's attic.  What a great album! Here's some of it.

 I haven't seen this yet - but there's a new documentary about him as well:


I also noticed a bunch of his art work in Palm Springs:


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