Wilbers vs. World of Colors vs. Independent Painters

We are moving to Maplewood and have received estimates from Wilbers, Independent Painters and World of Colors. I am wondering if anyone has worked with 2 or more of these painting companies and can shed some light on their experience? The estimates were quite varied so curious to get folks thoughts. Thank you!

Wilbers painted the exterior of our home & installed storm windows last summer.  We were very pleased with their work, they quickly addressed the items on the "punch list" and were more than clean, tidy and respectful of my plants.

Sorry we never used more than one of the companies on your list, but like soorlady, we used Wilbers (they resurfaced the plaster walls of our kitchen and painted the whole room) and they did a fantastic job. I was thrilled.

I've used Independent (George) and found them to do excellent work.  I'd absolutely get a few quotes and see how they compare!

No personal experience, but I've heard good things about all of these painters from people who have used them.  It seems like I've heard more about World of Colors for interior painting and the others for exterior, but I'm sure they all do both.  If you have a wood frame home, I expect that any of them will do a good job.  If you have a stucco home, check the current thread on that topic.

We got a quote from Wilbers, whom has a good reputation.  In the end we used Olger Fallas who was a few bucks cheaper.  They did a great job.

We used Olger Fallas for painting our house shortly after we purchased it (as well as electrical work through their subscontractor). They did a great job and we'd recommend.  We also had them come by and paint our fence, and they did a great job with that.

We did have a not so great experience with a different contractor who is not specifically a painter in our kitchen, and we're having Olger 'touch up' their work as well as redo a few things that weren't done properly.

I think painters tend to go in cycles as their teams either split or change.  We had a good experience with Olger touching up a bedroom and a poor experience having another room.  We basically needed to complain about the poor quality (obvious things like paint on windows, big streaks of paint in places) multiple times till he brought out another crew to fix.

In his defense, Olger did fix the work but it was still a big PITA.

It very much depends on the crew you get, I think.  We had a negative experience with Wilbur's (they did a fine job on the walls themselves, but used the wrong kind of paint--the cheaper super spec oil paint instead of traditional BM oil-- on the trim throughout our house which has yellowed, and there were more than a few paint drips in the grain of our hardwood floor.  They also left water running in our empty house and we got hit with a $200+ water bill for the month we didn't live in our house).  They painted the house before we moved in so I don't know what kind of supervision they had.  We would not use them again, though. 

We had a great experience with Independent for the exterior of our house.  I liked that George, the owner, came by every day to check on the progress before the crew could leave.  When he went around the house to do the estimate, he pointed out paint splotches from the previous paint job so I was aware of them -- implying they wouldn't leave any paint splotches.  Which they didn't.  And based on our experience with Wilbur's neatness, I appreciated this very much. 

We've used DLO painters for a couple of interior rooms and will probably go with them for any future work we need done.  When we used them a couple of years ago, it was still a fairly small company so the owner was there the whole time--taking the "depends on what crew you get" out of the equation, because it's a smaller company.  They did a phenomenal job.  

Good luck!

@afa, do you have a number for DLO? I'm not sure who that is.

Oh, I think I found it: (201) 704-0940. Correct? Do you have a contact name? Thanks.

Has anyone used A&S Quality Painting? We are doing some interior painting before we move in, and they gave us the best quote of the several companies we contacted.

have used Independent Painters many times, both inside and out, and have been consistently pleased with work (including removal of paper before painting a room, patching plaster as needed). They are very neat and reliable. George is a true gentleman. 

I have used Leo Madden for exterior painting and more a number of times...careful, fine work....tel: 908-337-4482

Jasper, I don't know the number offhand but that's probably right. Luis is the owner; when we used them he was the guy we dealt with. Super nice guy.

we've used both independent and world of colors, both more than 5 years ago, so things may have changed.  good experience with woc.  bad experience with independent.  paint was peeling within two weeks of the job and he charged me to come back and fix.  he blamed it on the wood my contractor used which might/might not be true; but if he "knew" the job was going to be affected by the quality of the wood being painted, why not point that out BEFORE you do the job?  also, i could tell that brand new interior doors hadn't even been primed - these were peeling as well and had nothing to do with the quality of wood used by the contractor in other areas of the house.  he was also ridiculously expensive.

Hi. Just curious if anyone has used Certa Pro painters out of Livingston. Thanks

Another vote for DLO!!

Does anyone have the number for DLO? Just called the above number, and recording said "cannot complete your call." thanks

Love Wilburs - we have used them for a lot of work in our house and it's been a fantastic expeerince every time.

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