Who to call to replace a toilet.

Toilet has been on the fritz lately. I don’t think a full fledged plumber is needed to replace. Recommendations for someone who can do the replacement (reasonably priced preferred) would be appreciated. Thanks. 

any handyman can do and actually is not hard to do yourself.  Watch a you tube video on how to do.  

Also, if you buy at home depot, a lot of the employees will be willing to do (for pay).  Just ask one of the employees and if they don't do themselves they will let you know who can.  

Our plumber, Anthony Masi (Amasi Plumbing 973-444-2122), has replaced both of our toilets for us in recent years.  He took care of getting the fixtures and doing the installation.  Probably not the least expensive route, but he did a good job and it was easy for us.

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