Used car dealerships? Need a new, used car

I need to buy a used car, after my teenager totaled my car. Can anyone recommend:

   -a reputable used car dealership

   -mechanic who will inspect a used car?

Thanks for any recommendations!

Marano and sons in Garwood or westfield?  a lot  of people have recommended them...its maybe 5 minutes off parkway exit 137.  they have 2 lots about a block apart, 1 for sedans/hatchback/coupe and 1 for larger cars.

I usually buy certified pre-owned from a dealer.  More expensive than craigslist etc 
 but I feel a little more comfortable with the vetting.  I find those cars aren’t typically older than 4 years FYI.  Just search for the brand (e.g. Honda pre-owned) and there should be a search by model / other criteria.

Bernie’s on the corner of Millburn & Cypress also sells used cars though I don’t know how many he keeps on hand (especially now).  there are usually some parked in the lot so you can do a drive by.  He also inspects used cars and has kept my 2005 Honda Pilot running well.

Good luck and sorry about your car! 

With Hertz declaring bankruptcy, buying a car from them is a good option, if there are any left.

drummerboy said:

With Hertz declaring bankruptcy, buying a car from them is a good option, if there are any left.

 The Hertz bankruptcy cars are scheduled to come to market in the fall. That will substantially reduce used car prices. 

Thanks. Bernie's doesn't currently have any. Marano's l looked reputable, but is a little pricier than I want. Looking to spend $10-12K. Any one else have suggestions?

as far as prices at Marano, i doubt you would get the same car at much less....they do have cars that are mostly 1-3 years old.  One I considered is 11K, a couple 13k, that you could negotiate down a little.  they are hatchbacks.  if you want something bigger, you would need something older in that price range

lunagirl said:

Any one else have suggestions?

Have you considered trying one (or more) of the online services, like,,,,,, etc.?

We've used Allan (owner) at Valley Auto Sales twice over the years for Toyota Avalons. 

300 Valley St. South Orange, 973-378-2275 

I've bought 4 cars off of Craigslist from private parties and been satisfied.  I had Ricky at All Star Motors on Valley in South Orange look at all the cars I thought were worth buying and he was able to give a good report on the cars condition.  He helped steer me away from a couple that looked great but once they were up on a lift he or his mechanics could see there were expensive things needing replacement.  

We had a great experience when we bought my daughter's car at Madison Honda about two years ago. She got an Accord off lease. We were happy with the deal and the process. 

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