Trader Joe’s vs. Costco

While in the Millburn TJ’s last week, I spotted almond butter for sale, and thought the price ($6.99) looked familiar. I had purchased some almond butter at Costco the day before. I took this photo to compare it to my Costco receipt at home.

I was wrong. The jars weren’t the same price. Costco price (KS brand) is $6.69 for 27 oz. It’s been $3.96/lb for at least the last few years. 

Curious about relative market muscle, I consulted Wikipedia. It says TJ’s has 569 stores, and Costco has (in the US) 591 stores. 

No membership needed to shop TJ’s. But still: bad TJ’s. 

Costco -- are you getting two jars, fastened in a plastic strap for $6.69?  How many oz in Tj's jar?

You realize that you can stack 30 or 40 TJs in every Costco, right? Store number is not much of a metric for purchasing power.

I’m a trader Giuseppe kinda guy..and ALDI occasionally. Costco is just not for me. 
So you pay $6:99 for 16 ounces of almond butter at TJ and $6:69 for 27 ounces of almond butter at Costco…

You get what you pay for.

I think I'm supposed to be angry at TJ's, but I don't know why.

A lot of stuff is less expensive at Costco, but it's sold in larger quantities than I would use in a lifetime. By the time I go through 16 ounces of almond butter, the other 16 ounces are rancid. Not exactly a bargain. 

Costco works for us but we have a large freezer in the basement. I buy it, break it up into meal sizes, Saran Wrap it and freeze it.

Labor intensive, but I'm retired.

And I "tank up" after I leave the store.   

But then, ya gotta figure the cost of the membership into this.

Kirkland Signature almond butter is no longer $6.69 for 27 oz. 
It’s now $5.99 for 27 oz.

Some things are good deals, others aren't.  E.g. we get several meals out of the Costco rotisserie chicken.  A good deal.  Occasionally there are good prices on decent non-Kirkland brand items of clothing.  Like with everything else, there are bloggers on line who comment on these things.  Worth looking at.  

Costco for me;  Tires, nuts, dried fruits, occassional clothing, rental cars, Dunkin Donuts coffee, regular peanut butter (for our dog), meat and fish for a party, OTC drugs as needed.  When I've need a TV or techie product.  I know folks buy paper products and water there although I don't.  I always like checking out Costco.  I'm the archetypal shopper who goes in with a one item list and spends $250. 

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