Solar Storm Tonight 5/10/24

NYT: A Severe Solar Storm Is Hitting Earth’s Atmosphere, and Auroras May Be Visible

I don't know what the terrestrial weather will be like in NJ tonight but they are saying the Northern Lights may be visible as far south as Alabama.

It apparently also has the potential to cause blackouts and fry communications equipment.  I'm hoping that doesn't happen.  The modern world lives in the shadow of another Carrington Event.

We ain't gonna see it.  

Rain predicted.

Friends as far south as Nashville and Boone, NC saw it last night.

Thanks for posting this.  Forgot about it last night (but it was raining anyhow), hoping for tonight, always wanted to see northern lights. : )

A "glow" in Pawleys Island SC...Not a big display, but definitely noticeable.

Ironically, we couldn't see it in Edmonton.  Last night was cloudy and today we have heavy wildfire smoke.


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