Replace one word in a movie title with "Bacon"

ridski said:

Much Ado About Bacon.

Night of the Living Bacon

The Naked and the Bacon

All Bacon on the Western Front

A Light in the Bacon

A Distant Bacon

Sin City: A Bacon to Kill For.

Bacon Slayer
Jurassic Bacon
No Bacon for Old Men

Fried Green Bacon
You've Got Bacon
Scent of a Bacon

The Hunger Games: Bacon - Part 1

Kingsman: The Bacon Service

The Bacon Dogs
Inglourious Bacon
Bacon Brown

Fifty Shades of Bacon

Over the River Bacon

Perks of Being a Bacon
The Return of the Bacon

Things to Do in Denver When You're Bacon

Avengers: Age of Bacon

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