Power Washing tips?

I have a Ryobi 2000 psi power washer.   I'm about 2/3 of the way through power washing my pool deck - which is cement.  It's a very time consuming process.  Besides getting a more powerful power washer - which would probably be a gas powered one, are there and tip or tricks?  Would using any sort of soap help?

I've used Simple Green.  I suppose other soaps might work.  Let the soap sit and work in for a few minutes or maybe rub it in a bit.

Thanks - I see they have one specific for concrete.  

I didn't even know that.  Will keep it in mind for future jobs.

jamie said:

Thanks - I see they have one specific for concrete.  


I'm not sure a cleaner would help here. You're not really cleaning a stain - you're kinda removing the top layer of concrete. A layer the width of a hair. I think.  

Getting a stronger washer also leads to a greater possibility of damaging the concrete.

Here's a good article on the subject.


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