New Book on Maplewood

I'm proud to announce the publication of an expansive new book on Maplewood: Maplewood Compendium: Notable People, Place & Events 1680 - 2022.

Maplewood Compendium is an expansive collection, a vast treasure trove of information about all aspects of Maplewood. Built on over one year of careful, serious research, it paints a picture, through written snapshots, minibiographies and capsule histories of Maplewood as a unique and distinctive community with a long and (mostly) proud history and heritage extending almost 350 years. 

Organized into twelve chapters, with over 700 entries and many thousands of dates, facts, figures and details, the book highlights: notable (some infamous) people who lived here, earliest familiesthat settled here organizations, clubs, religious groups they formed, businesses they created, neighborhoods, homes and spots they gathered, civic, public and education facilities they built, transportation modes they used, roads and places they traveled
to, long-standing community events, special prideful and historical moments they celebrated.

The book is available for sale at Words Bookstore, Maplewood for $15. If you have an interest in all things Maplewood, I hope you'll consider buying a copy.

I welcome your comments, as well as any corrections you might suggest, or new entries you might suggest.  Thanks.

Very cool! Will get myself a copy.

dano said:

Very cool! Will get myself a copy.

Thanks. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. And, of course, if your do, I hope you'll recommend it to friends.

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