New Billy Joel

DaveSchmidt said:

Since he wrote the songs with the idea that someone else would perform them, and since her date at SOPAC next month brought her to mind, I’ve been imagining what a Joan Osborne version of the album would sound like.

cool cheese 

Considering that show. Is it sold out yet?

ETA: It is not sold out.

Joan is great.  Go see her if you haven't.   

Interesting AI take on what the song would sound like by a younger Billy:

joanne said:

Searching for a thread to cheer this news: Sir Paul got his guitar back!! More than half-a-century later!! 

Great story. Truly priceless to him.

Very happy for Sir Paul!

bub said:

Billy J was a first love in my music listening career.  It was my first rock concert, in a small college gym just when he was on the cusp of real success with Piano Man and Captain Jack.  Saw him a bunch of times in the early to mid 70s.

Yet he hasn't worn well on me at all over the years and I rarely stream any of his songs.  In contrast, I hold the early 70s albums of the other piano man, Elton, in high esteem.  Those albums are deep with great cuts and not just the singles.  Tumbleweed Connection is still one of my favorite albums.

Yes, think I'll go pull out the vinyl copy of *"Tumb. Con." I still have from when I was @13-14. Used to just turn it over a few dozen times while memorizing those great B. Taupin lyrics.

Add me to the list of those who LOVE this new song.  A beautiful framing of the past mixed with the present, & our wishes/hopes that we could go back & erase our regrets.  Solid Billy.

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