MOL classified updates

Just wanted to mention a few tweaks - garage sale posts have the ability to add a date and location:

Free items are free to post - just choose the Free Items category.

Rental listings have the ability to include a mapped location.

Listings are still $3.99 - you also have the ability to post up to 10 within a 24 hour period for $9.99 (just pay for the first one and you'll have credits for the next 9 ads).

Users have the ability to bookmark listings which will show up in your bookmarks page:
(you can also bookmark - job listings - calendar events and house listings - as well as forum threads)

When you in a particular category - you can add that category to your watchlist - there's a star icon - (see image). When you click this you will get an email at midnight alerting you to any new items in that category. You can then turn any of these on your My Watchlists page:

I thought it was illegal for someone without the proper clearance to give classified updates.

Wrong category! grin (We'll be discussing categories soon!)

Hi Jamie,

I realise this may not be the section for this, nor is it really important in the scheme of things, but I occasionally used to like to browse some of the classified ads on this site. 

However, when I select any of them now, I get the following message:

'It appears that you are not local enough to view this section of the site, if you believe this is incorrect - please fill out a ticket in our help center.'

Is this done to minimise data traffic, or is there some other reason?


International users accounted for all of the scammers (from Nigeria, Russia, etc.), so if you're not in the US (or whitelisted), the classifieds are not viewable.

Fair enough.  Thank you for the explanation, @dave

Yes, and basically there are three people from out of country who are allowed to participate in the forums as well, you, copihue, dave and joanne.  

This is primarily a site for the community of Maplewood, NJ.  We try to stay as local as possible.  grin

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