Looking for Studio or 1br Apartment in Maplewood/S.O.

Originally from Manhattan, I've been in Montclair for a few years and am looking to settle in the SOMA area. I'm not so much looking for a SOMA pep talk because I'm "sold" already. It's a great area that I've been visiting for a while.

I'm an architect/contractor, so something non-traditional, that perhaps needs work, or a converted commercial, or loft like unit could make for a fun space as well as any standard rental apartment.

As for me......No pets, quiet/adult, professional, friendly.

If anyone has any advice or tips I'd love to listen. I've been doing the standard wed-based search and figured you local folk might have some insights that the typical listing and real estate people (salespeople) seem to lack.

Thanks in advance. And look forward to being a neighbor soon!

I saw a room for rent in a South Orange home on the SOMA swap/meet group in the last day or so, but I don't know if that would fit the bill or not. I think I know who posted it, so I can probably find it.

Contact me at V.DeLuca@twp.maplewood.nj.us.

377 S. Harrison Street, Harrison Park Towers has a number of units that need work and would be more than suitable to your interests and needs plus there is The Secret Garden @ 377. A roof top garden first designed and installed in 1956. Pretty amazing.

Take a look, you would be a great member of this community!


Best Regards,
Ron Carter

sac - Thanks for the tip. I've been to the SOMA swap/meet group before but didn't join yet. Places like that are the type of "off the beaten path" local information from non-real estate professionals I've been trying to find.

rcarter - Thanks for the lead. Do you live there?

Rcarter lives there but the building is not in SOMA.

The mayor of Maplewood suggested you contact him in response to your query. I would take him up on it in addition to any other leads. (vicdeluca)

Lol...Thanks Wendy. I contacted Mr. Deluca (the Mayor) earlier today.

Not charming or unusual but 117 Vose has a studio available for $1000/month. The building next door, The Townhouse, also has a sign out. Benefit is walking distance to SO train station.

I don't know the exact address on Valley Street in Maplewood but opposite the Profetta building at the corner of Valley and Millburn Avenue there is a brick building which features all studios.
From what I understand they are oversized and the rent runs a few hundred dollars a month less than usual market rates. There is of course a large parking lot . The building might be worth checking out.

does seton hall student community have some type of forum - maybe given the school year is almost to an end some apartments by there may be opening up

author/new207040......Author. Thanks for the tip. I'll look it up on Google streets/satellite. New207040...Good idea. Seton Hall should have some sort of site/listings/database. I'll look it up and pass along what I find for others.

RAJ - are you open to any location within SOMA, or do you need to be walking distance to trains? I possibly know of a place, but its on the outskirts of Maplewood.

Esiders - Although I'll bring my car over in a few months, I'm really looking for someplace within walking distance to the trains. I typically carry a heavy"ish" laptop and accessories.....etc. when I go out. Otherwise, I plan on biking to get around after work and on the weekends.

Would the jitney work for you if the place was near a jitney stop or do your commuting hours preclude that?

As a typical "real estate person" it has been my experience that sometimes when a potential tenant attempts to rent through the "back door" it is because they may not be able to pass the background / credit check required by most realtors, or they may be trying to find something at below market rate.

If that is the case - good luck, if it is not the case you are making a mistake - often local realtors are more attuned to the kind of think you are looking for than the general public.

I have clients who may have just what you are looking for. They have a large charming home in Montrose with a small first floor apartment with a separate entrance. It has a small bedroom, small living room a fully equipped kitchenette, closets and a bath. I ( as a realtor) would not be involved , I'd just forward your contact info to them, so there would be no commission. However, they would do a full background, references and credit check. If you are interested you can PM me your info and I will forward it to them.

Thank you Sarah. But I really don't think we're on the same page in regards to realtors, what they are normally attuned to, and my "out of the box thinking" interests.

I suggest you pay the small fee for an ad on MOL, which is where this belongs.

Juniemoon - I got the idea to post here after finding this:


I'll look for the MOL classifieds though. Thanks.

so, did you find a place?  If so then welcome neighbor...

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