Long COVID discussion

This became a topic in the spring of 2020 as people who recovered from the acute COVID infection found that they had a variable array of symptoms that lingered. Just what the hell it all means has been up for debate and sometimes flat-out denied.

This is a really long collective study on changes in the immune system in COVID survivors. There are limitations that the authors take care to mention (towards the end), true, but these are data taken from those who only had low-to-mid range COVID severity


Immunological dysfunction persists for 8 months following initial mild-to-moderate SARS-CoV-2 infection

In summary, our data indicate an ongoing, sustained inflammatory response following even mild-to-moderate acute COVID-19, which is not found following prevalent coronavirus infection. The drivers of this activation require further investigation, but possibilities include persistence of antigen, autoimmunity driven by antigenic cross-reactivity or a reflection of damage repair. These observations describe an abnormal immune profile in patients with COVID-19 at extended time points after infection and provide clear support for the existence of a syndrome of LC.

i have 'chronic' mono since about 2002, confirmed by blood tests. there is chronic lymes, post polio syndrome.....its not that usual for a virus to have long term...even life long effects.

Lyme disease can totally suck and its variability gives the sufferer that extra special quality of not being believed. Borellia can really suck, plus ticks are also vectors for **** like viruses and parasites.

Speaking of mono, a report in Scientific American today gives some detail on how the Epstein Barr virus has been implicated in multiple sclerosis. This is another example of how even though the majority of humans carry the EBV, only a small percentage suffer the more major consequences.


The EBV report kinda rhymes with what we're learning about COVID. Perhaps we'll be learning a lot more about it, enough even to merit a new DSM diagnosis, what with all the neurocognitive complications.

This COVID pandemic's constellation of long-term sequelae is a new problem that will develop in the midst of social media, where scientific & clinical expertise run up against misinformation and political agendas. It sounds a bit too precious and dramatic when I say it in my head before posting this reply but many people have died needlessly and many more will suffer because of the propagation of fraudulent voices - so I'm doing it anyway.

so far, no indication of MS...I never had a spinal tap though..even with all my complicated symptoms, they don't point to MS--at least not yet.

I am not so much concerned about catching acute covid, but I am worried I will be at very high risk for long covid because of my medical history

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