Leaf blower ban

I can't see much difference. The lawn mowers are still so loud that I have trouble with conference calls even with windows closed.

The electric blowers are as loud as the gas blowers were but at a different pitch.  No fumes, at least.

It has been much quieter in my neighborhood this week....the first week of May the gas blowers were still out in force. That week was so bad that I actually confronted the lawn service workers next door that had 3 workers simultaneously using gas blowers as well a guy on a riding mower who gave me 3 different future May dates when this year's ban was to start. They left pretty quickly as I turned away and continued to video their truck. Luckily for them I am totally inept at videotaping on my cellphone.

The good thing about electric blowers is that they can be off when a guy is walking from one area to another, instead of idling the entire time.

Wish I hadn't just bought a gas blower last year. Our South Orange cut off of May 1st doesn't take into consideration the 100' Hollies dropping leaves now and the endless garlands of Oak Moss.

Ah well, maybe no gardeners on the BOT.

I generally mulch everything that falls on my grass with my mower.  I have a huge oak tree and last fall, I don't think I rakes any leaves into the street

About six months into the whole "having a yard" adventure, though most of that's been over the winter so not super instructive. Got myself an electric mower, and I'm happy with how quiet it is. I've been using it to mulch up the leaves I didn't get to before the last town pick up (in WO you can put your leaves in a big pile at your curb and they regularly come pick it up). That works nicely. I also just got a reel mower, which also seem to work out well, and is even quieter. Still working out how I want to do this -- when to use the reel vs the electric. For actual mulching, including leaves, the electric obviously, but I might end up doing more of the regular mowing with the reel.

Alls I know, we have two battery snow blowers. Fairly quiet and no fumes. And the sidewalk (around250 ft) gets cleared in less than 1/2 hour.

there’s no need to extend the gas powered leaf blower ban to gas powered snowblowers.

logic aside, air pollution goes to Boca in the Winter.  Everyone knows that.

Gas powered leaf blowers will be banned effective January 1, 2023:


We're the first town to ban them year round.


May 16, 2022

"But recently, towns and cities are passing more extensive bans. For example, 19 towns in California and 3 towns in Colorado have banned gas leaf blowers year-round. On the east coast Washington DC, Burlington VT, Larchmont NY, and Chevy Chase MD have taken the same action. In New Jersey, Maplewood's governing body encountered not a single objection....."

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