Holiday Gift Q&A

If you're looking for a holiday gift idea, ask about it here. I'm hoping your neighbours here will provide suggestions. 

I'm looking for something fun and clever for a 30-year old mechanical engineer who likes to cook, read non-fiction, ride his bicycle and work on wood projects. Any suggestions appreciated. 

NOTE: I'd like to stick to lower-priced items given the state of the world and our collective financial concerns. 

“Lower priced” is subjective.  My aunt once gave me a loaf of soda bread for Christmas with the $1.98 price tag crossed out.  Can you give an actual range you’re looking to stay in?

I have an extra (don't ask) catapult kit. $35.00. List is $40 + shipping.

P.M. if you want it.

You could combine the love of cooking and reading non-fiction with a food-based memoir.  Recipes are usually included.

Thanks, all.  

Jack, is that a kit that the user assembles? What's it made of? wood? plastic? stainless steel? dilythium? 

Anyone else facing gift conundrums with which that the crowd could assist? 

And to satisfy his inner kid, provide some interesting targets, so he can make good use of the catapult. 

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