History tour of Bethlehem Steel

There are several historical tours that are run out of Bethlehem. The most popular is the December bus ride to the Star at the top of the mountain

First photo is of the tippple to carry iron and dump it into the furnace.

This is a series of flywheels that took spinoff heat to make electricity.

The history of Bethlehem Steel and the influence it had on the surrounding area is fascinating. At its peak, the plant in Bethlehem had 31,000 workers.

Great pictures! Interesting to see the bright, shiny light fixture in the middle of so much rust and decay.

we did a guided tour in a similar site in Pittsburgh. It was awesome in the literal sense. It was apparent why steel mills were called "hell with the lid taken off." 

Later I'll post some photos.

Well okay, not that much later grin

The Museum of Industrial History, housed in the former Electric Repair Shop of the Bethlehem Steel Plant, is absolutely fascinating.  Great photos, as always, Jersey Jack.


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