Happy birthday Dave R!

I just realised HK has the same date we do - happy birthday, Dave! Despite the awfulness in the world at present, may the love and laughter of family and good friends keep you ‘you’, and safe; may good fortune smile on you.
Thank you and Jamie for this wonderful community playground!

Can never forget this special day.Pineapple upside- down cake in the oven!

Happy Birthday!! And what joanne said!

Happy Birthday, Dave!  question  

In ascii, that's almost a smiley with a party hat.  Maybe this one works better?  *<oh oh 

Um, no.  OK... let's add some spaces then...   

*< : )

Happy birthday again!

Thankey, all.  Life is good on our little Isle.

Felicitations, Boss!

Here's my favorite memory photo of your boyish punim...


dave said:

~~13 yrs later.

hey, that's pretty good.

Me behind the wheel.  (Just didn't want the above photo showing every time I visit MOL)  oh oh

Happy Bidet, Dave,

I hope you’re well.  Come visit sometime. 

Mr T

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