Answer a question with a question


Why would it bother him/her ??

Why does everyone on mol try to prove everyone else wrong?

Is it a problem if I can't?

What, you were expecting something else???


Are we making any headway with this?

Does anybody give a rat's arse?

What is the derivation of that expression?

Who do you mean by 'anyone'?

You guys have been going on like this for 30 pages?

Can you believe Harley started this in 2010?

Is anyone going to answer mulemom's question?

I had a singing gig at the Kutshers resort in the Catskills, before it closed. (This is a true story.) I was in a vocal quartet for the religious services at the Jewish High Holy Days. Two of the guys in the quartet were not Jewish. One of them asked the other what he would say if one of the congregants asked if he was Jewish. The other said, "I'll say what I always do to that question: 'Isn't everyone?'"

Does Tom's post follow the rules of the game?

Would you want to be the one to tell him?

Is it likely to upset him?

marksierra said:
Is it likely to upset him?

 How should I know?

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