Another Business Closes ( Gleasons Cleaners)

Yesterday as I picked up my cleaning I was told that Gleasons is closing. After decades serving Maplewood ( and South Orange). 
a few days next week to pick up cleaning. Then I’m not sure what happens to the remaining items or the property. 
Thanks Rich for taking care of our dry cleaning ( and tailoring ) for 4 decades. 

How many people are getting suits and dress shirts cleaned these days?  I get ads from Jos. Banks every day. I cant inmagine how they are selling suits and dress shirts now.  

Sorry to learn that Gleasons is actually closing.  The staff there were always above and beyond nice.

Any idea about what is next for the site?  

I heard from a reliable source that back in 2017 there were tentative plans for demolishing the building and building an apartment building.  As anyone who has ever driven down Parker, past Gleason's, in the morning or between 4 - 6 knows, it already takes 2-3 lights to get across Valley (pre-COVID of course). Imagine adding more cars to that mess.

This is terrible. I can think of no other business with better service or nicer employees. It has always been a bright spot in my Saturday errands. And the tailor shop too .. just the best. I am a 20+ year customer.

Last time I was there, a few weeks ago, the racks were very empty and I feared this might happen. As Bub said nobody needs office clothes dry cleaned these days.

So, so sad for the people who work there.

Just sad news all around. 

This is not unexpected.  There was a proposal to develop the property with a huge apartment building in 2017 (see below).

40-Unit Residential Building Proposed for Gleason Cleaners Site in Maplewood

The owner of Gleason's and the property, Richard Rubin, put in an informal request in 2017 to have his development plan for property reviewed by the planning board (link to .pdf).  They would need several variances and the Town asked them to conduct a traffic study.  Also, the building site is in a flood zone which required other permits from NJ DEP.  I don't know what happened with the original proposal.

I just spoke with the owner, Richie, and he is going to continue to work part time for a dry cleaner in SO and will continue doing pick ups and deliveries.  If you’re interested, give Gleason’s a call.  

I’ve already signed up. 

40 units in a flood zone. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, the zoning board seems to approve most anything.

Formerlyjerseyjack said:

40 units in a flood zone. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, the zoning board seems to approve most anything.

 The building(s) will have the be compliant with respect to first floor height and mechanicals above the Base Flood Elevation(BFE), so the hazard to the people will probably be pretty minimal.  What will likely happen is that the ground level will be for parking/community amenities and the habitable portion of the building will be built on pilings above BFE.  Not great for the car, but probably not that bad for its owner.  

If the building code doesn't prescribe it already, and if it is in the power of the zoning board to do so, it would be wise to increase the required freeboard above the BFE to protect the people in the building from water levels that are above the BFE(which is based on the 1% annual return period of water levels).

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