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EPA is finally discussing plans to end animal testing for chemicals and pesticides by 2035. Wish it was sooner but happy for any progress.

An end to cosmetic testing on animals should be immediate. But for those who are impatient just check the back of you products to see if they are tested on animals. Then email the company with a complaint and stop by their products. Lots of alternatives out there

By the way candidate Julian Castro has made it part of his platform.


This is a graphic video but one showing the kindness that activists show towards the chickens that will be starved and denied water for the ritual know as Kaporos Sent to me by one of my friends in Brooklyn.



 Congress just introduced these bills to help imperiled wildlife:

✅ H.R. 2245 - bans imports of hunting trophies from lions, elephants
✅ H.R. 737 - prohibits trade and sale of shark fins
✅ H.R. 1380 - makes it illegal to own big cats as pets


@Morganna and others interested in sustainable foods/locavore discussions, I thought you might be intrigued by the implications of this CSIRO study. This household is certainly re-examining its menus in terms of a  ‘water budget’ and not just because of the current drought 


I'm sure modifications will be made. As long as humans stop killing animals, I am willing to modify what I eat. 

As beef is mentioned as an option, obviously I would vehemently oppose that option.


I found the comparison of potato crisps and chocolate bars really fascinating, and how not-water-friendly they are scary. Also, impressed at how water-friendly chickpeas are - good for us in soooo many ways!  cheese 

The thing to remember (as the authors point out) is as weather becomes more unstable with hotter temperatures, there'll be less standing and free-flowing water available for non-livestock animals. Environmental flows are hard enough to protect anyway; irrigation waters are becoming so heavily monetised that wild animals have no chance of access. 

We've already had at least two summers of horrific inland aquatic deaths (last year's made internal news), and to avoid another, there's been massive evacuation of fish stocks from  major river systems in three states. 

Climate change has hit our alternative milks market, our fruit and veg producers, and we're losing arable land to winds and fires. Lack of water is a critical issue. (No food for wildlife, for pets or us)


Thought you might be keen to read this news, considering the numbers of chooks involved in the incident


joanne said:

Thought you might be keen to read this news, considering the numbers of chooks involved in the incident

 PETA was an organization that started grass roots but went off in a controversial direction. I've gone to small events where Ingrid Newkirk spoke and I find her a compelling figure.

She believes in attention getting stunts. I know as I participated in one. As someone who ran a large group with a friend, one that was started in PA and brought to NY, I quickly learned that getting news coverage for our causes was almost impossible so this memorial that PETA proposes is in that vein.

There may be better ways to get people talking. It may appear to some as silly, its not, but we struggle with perception.

One problem is getting TV ads published as they compete with sponsors. So she is trying for a billboard. 

She has been a huge success at getting celebrities on board and running some great print ads.

I hope she succeeds.

She is running into heavy criticism from dog and cat rescues. Once I moved from NYC to South Orange, I switched my focus from anti vivisection, factory farming etc to join the folks I used to call the dog and cat people.  PETA has taken harsh criticism for some of their positions and actions with regard to shelters and rescues. But that's another story.

Any light shed on factory farming makes me happy. I'm thrilled that we have our first 2 vegan presidential candidates and a 3rd who has an elaborate animal advocacy program. 

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