39 Hidden Beatle Songs

Just saw this online - pretty cool

How about everyone reply with one song per post?  grin

1) I am the Walrus

2) Boy, you gotta carry that weight

3.) Octopus's Garden


She Came in through the Bathroom Window

Lovely Rita ( meter maid )

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

10) Fool on the Hill


11-She’s Leaving Home

Hello, Goodbye

13. Strawberry Fields

15 Fool On The Hill

17) Here, There, and Everywhere

(the sign post in front of the walrus)

18 While My Guitar Gently Weeps

19 They say its your birthday

22. Baby you’re a rich man

23.  I'm only sleeping.

24. Long and Winding Road (leading past last building and up into the hills)

On behalf of PeggyC: 25. Help!

26. Dr Robert (see his name tag??)

This one’s for shemademedothis:  27. Her Majesty. 

Is that a Honey Pie on the picnic cloth?? Oh, and the shop is open Eight Days A Week!

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