What do you do with your amazon envelopes?

I know you can't recycle these.  And doing further research - I see Target and Whole Foods accepts plastic recycling.

It's not clear if it's only for their own plastic bags, or if they'll accept these also.

What do you do?

I strip the label and use them over again when I have to mail something. 

I save the padded ones for reuse with fragile stuff.  I've used a couple as padded sacks for camera lenses.  Just cut to size and shape, wrap around object(with room for easy access) then duct tape.

Last I knew, the UPS store in Summit accepts them for recycling. Maybe other UPS stores do the same? For reuse, you can always slit them open and refold them and they look like blank envelopes. 

I believe they can be recycled with plastic bags at the store (not with the harder plastic and definitely not with the #1/#2-only plastic curbside.)

I reuse them. I still prob have more than I will ever need though. 

Once I've collected about 50 I box em up and ship em to Bezos' house.

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