Welcome to Kitten Season 2017 edition


Last year's thread started off great and then morphed into a sad and demoralized place but I'm hoping for better luck this year.  I picked up these two little fellows from the rescue yesterday.  They kept me hopping pretty much every 2-1/2 hours last night demanding to be fed, but I think I finally filled their bottomless pits of hunger because I had to wake them up three times today to be fed.  They were born around St. Patrick's Day (umbilical cords still attached, eyes still closed, ears still folded over) so we named them Fergal and Killian. I've got a good feeling.


Wish you better luck than last year. Fingers crossed for these little ones...


Pure sweetness in that pic.


So far, so good. They are sleeping through the night. In fact I have to wake them up for feeding, and then it's a struggle to get them to settled down. I find if they are swaddled in a blanket they pipe down fairly quickly. Not sure if it's because they're the first of the season, or because they're just so darn cute, but THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE! Fergal's eyes started to open today, way ahead of schedule. I wasn't expecting it for another week.


Post the crazy cute black and white please!


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