Wardrobe emergency - four hours from now! NEED ADVICE : resolved, Ta!!

Fashionistas, and dear friends, HELP!

Am meeting a bunch of lovely female friends I haven’t seen seen in months apart from funerals, for a quick ‘early Christmas catch-up’ at a local fancy pub. We’re told ‘wear Christmas colours’

Do I wear my Surfing Santa’s shirt over white slacks, or my red chiffon tunic over a white cami and white slacks? It’s a stinking hot day with thunderstorms mid-arvo. I have glittery hair accessories and lipstick. 


I would love the surfing Santas, but guess it would depend on the usual dress at that pub?  Have a great time!!

Both outfits are acceptable there, as long as you wear shoes.

https://southportsharks.com.au/  We’re going to the Cafe. Thank you for your help!! rolleyes

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