True Salvage cafe


Holy crap weasel this place is good.


I still have to get down there - so far it's all been pretty positive.


Damnit, I searched "salvage" but only a bunch of home reno and election stuff came up....


yeah - it was in the title grin  If anyone has food pics from there - please post!  


jamie said:

yeah - it was in the title
  If anyone has food pics from there - please post!  

 Wish I could cuz normally I eat half my food from a resto and save the rest for later.  Didn't happen this time (speaks to the taste and quality of the food).  Gratis home-made tater chips came with my RB sammich on incredible bread - all are in my belly.


I am not a big red meat fan, but something about the description of that roast beef sandwich on the posted menu had me order - and devour it - awhile back. The bread is from Balthazar, the onions are ridiculously good and there is a normal amount of contents between the bread. More like you'd put on a sandwich if you were making it for yourself than the inch of cold cuts a deli might do. All in all, incredibly good sandwich, like one you'll still be thinking about weeks later. The coffee was delicious, too. Also, the cafe itself is attractive. Worth a detour, for sure.


We’ve eaten there a number of times with friends and the food is always great. The desserts look too damn good, but I’ve managed to avoid them, so far. One of these days, I just know I’m gonna give in. 

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