Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner: Effective or a Money Pit?

Does anyone have any experience with this sort of air purifier?  I've been looking at online reviews and some people love them but others complain that they quickly become ineffective.

They are also sold as "American Standard AccuClean"

We had to revamp our 18-year-old central AC this summer and since my wife has a persistent allergy problem I thought it would be worth it to add an air purifier to the system. Maybe it is seasonal but maybe regular dust might have things in it that bugs her. We went with the Aprilaire system that plays nice with the Amana AC system.

I looked very closely at the Trane system and thought it might be a problem because of how quickly its efficiency declines. Yes, I know this is like an example of confirmation bias.

Thanks so much for the reply!    Its hard to find many reviews of these things but the ones I have found  consistently point to a steep drop-off in efficiency for the Trane.  

Do you worry at all about the ozone from the ionization element?

bikefixed said:

On page 7, it states that the Aprilaire systems do not produce ozone.

 It says it doesn't "utilize ozone".  My understanding is that all electrostatic cleaners produce small amounts of ozone as a byproduct.  Most companies claim that it is insignificant but Consumer Reports won't review electronic air cleaners because of the link between ozone and asthma.

I don't know how to feel about it.

I stand corrected. Here's a link to Aprilaire's answer to that very question. They admit to 2 ppb.

OSHA has these figures for their limits:,dangerous%20to%20life%20or%20health.

After thinking a bit more in-depth about it I will say that I'm comfortable with that level of exposure. OSHA wants a limit of 0.05 ppm for 8 hours per day exposure doing heavy work so I think 0.002 ppm (or 2 ppb) will be okay.

I forgot to mention that Lennox does have a system that does not emit ozone but I don't recall how that works or a comparison.

    Thanks Bikefixed. I had already more or less eliminated the Trane when I read you post because of the maintenance issues you cited but I am pretty excited about these hybrid filters.  It certainly does make more sense to prescreen the air.  

    Put in an order for the Aprilaire.  Thank you bikefixed for all the very helpful advice.

    You're welcome. I have to say that it and the new AC system run so smoothly and quietly we hardly know it is there. I am curious to go up and peek at the filter though. You know just to shudder at what we might have been tolerating all these years. Maybe it won't be noticeable since it has only been in place for 3 months.

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