Strider balance bike VS tricycle

Thinking of buying a Strider balance bike for a two-year old. He's very good on his little scooter, and I've heard the balance bike makes the transition to real bike pretty easy. Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks.

I think I saw one at Flip consignment last weekend if you would like a used one.

That said, my nephew had a strider bike (which he got bored of after a short time), and then he refused to learn to ride a real bicycle. One of my kids used a regular (small) bicycle with the pedals taken off in the beginning (to simulate a strider), while my other one went right to learning with pedals, and now they both ride well and seem to enjoy it. So, YMMV.

Thanks for the input. I'll have to give this question some more thought.

Sorry, I read too fast the first time. I didn't consider the strider in place of a tricycle in our case (not sure if it was instead of a trike in my nephew's case). For us, taking off the pedals was more a training thing between trike and bike. 

I also just noticed the child is 2. I'm not sure either of my kids would have had the patience for the strider at 2. Maybe at 4? If you have any friends with different riding things (strider/trike) you could see which the kid seems to enjoy. 

Just recalled a memory: At around 3 (or maybe 4 yrs old?) my daughter had a Big Wheel trike that she loved. She once rode it to a friend's house (while I was was walking) about a mile across town (probably because I told her it was too far for her to be able to make it all the way there on the thing).

When my loved one was about 4, he took to a balance bike like a duck to water, and learned to ride a two wheeler in a much shorter time than it took his older brother without a balance bike. That said, I think it's probably all about the individual child, and I'm not sure any two year old has quite enough balance yet.

Hmm. I'm leaning toward a tricycle now...

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