Stacey Electric referring clients to another firm... Thoughts?

Just received written notice from Dennis Borden of Stacey Electric, whom we've worked with for decades, that after 30 years in the biz, he's referring his old clients to Service Professionals (plumbing, heating, & HVAC). Anybody have relevant experience with this firm that you'd care to share? TIA...


Got that letter too.  But are the new people also electricians???

As I understand it, Stacey is affiliating with this company. Stacey is still around doing electric and by affiliating, Dennis will be able to retire someday and his workers, who are top notch, will not have to find other work. I believe this is the case and it sounds sensible to me. I love Stacey Electric. Best ever!

Service Professionals are currently licensed to do plumbing, heating, & HVAC, so I guess adding electrical contracting makes sense for their business model. If Dennis' staff will be transitioning over there when he retires (10 years?) and not before, I'll happily stick with Stacey till that happens (and we'll still patronize Rite One   for any plumbing issues that arise...).


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