squirrels in the attic

My friend is going through hell getting a squirrel out of her house.  There is a man I used years ago who was fabulous.  His name started with a B, it was a waspish last name.  Anyone know who I am referring to?  He climbed to the attic and found the hole where the squirrels were coming in, placed a cage that allowed the squirrels to get out, but not go back in.  Did the trick.  

Others had made me cut a tree next to the house, and it did nothing to stop the critters from raising chaos and destroying everything that was on storage.

Please help!  Thanks.

And in the meantime, scatter mothballs around in the attic. The smell drives them away.

We used Got Wildlife.  

mrincredible said:

Jerry Buckingham

 Do you know what town he is from? what his number is?  

I will also give my friend your other suggestions.  I am sure they are great, but Buckinham gets my vote.  I can't say enough good things about him.  

Buckingham has a ton of votes in old threads.

However, after he gets rid of the squirrel, your friend needs to squirrel proof their attic.  I have seen the critters chew through wooden boards (old) in less than 5 minutes.

Squirrel has been caught and removed according to a post on Facebook.

Buckingham did it again!

The found poetry of Phil Rizzuto. 

In the backyard we got a lot of trees.
In our home I've watched them leap
From limb to limb

Did you ever get one in your attic?
They're not too cute
When they get in your attic.
I'll tell you that.

I would not harm a squirrel.
I don't want to get those animal lovers . . .
I, I got them in my attic.
No, I got,
But I got a squirrel cage
Then took them out in the woods
Over by Yogi's house
And dropped them off.

[June 7, 1991 / Texas at New York / John Habyan pitching to Steve Buechele / Ninth inning, one out, bases empty / Tie score, 4-4]


Bring on the squirrel holocaust. Kill them all. 

They keep coming back. Even when the roofer patches holes they make nee ones. Get Wildlife scammed us. Jerry B caught them and took them away, at a fraction of the cost. But, I have found the most effective strategy is the Rat Zapper. They don't come back from that.

Can you provide Buckingham’s contact info? I tried a phone number I found on-line and it rang busy.

Thank you!

I thought this thread was going to be a reference to my mental health!

We recently placed that cage where the squirrels can get out but not back in.  The damn critters chewed through it!

This is probably a good time to try and get rid of them.  You don't want to wait until they have little ones in the nest.

Buckingham and son recently went above and beyond to trap a squirrel in the house of someone near and dear to me.  This squirrel must have gone to Harvard as he defied all conventional methods of trapping.

Finally they literally barricaded him in the fireplace.  He could travel up but the only food was in the two traps down below him.  Squirrel should have gone for his Masters.

Score one for Buckingham.

Author:  You and Copihue are referring to the same squirrel incident.

I once had a friend who lived along the Maplewood South Orange border come and knocked frantically at my front door.  It seems his teen son was relaxing on his bed in a top floor bedroom.  

A squirrel had chewed through the electrical wiring in the drop ceiling immediately above the bed.   The squirrel was electrocuted and the force of the current flung his body through the ceiling and on to my sons chest.

Only thing to be done was remove part of the ceiling and make sure no more exposed wiring was close to making a contact.  I took the dead squirrel away and told my friend to call an electrician the next AM.

For extra safety we used the breaker box to shut off electricity to that part of the house

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