South Orange water bills


I just received my water bill, and the usage is shown to be up 4 times from the same billing period last year.    The household usage hasn't changed; I haven't called American Water yet.  I have searched Maplewood Online and wondered if anyone has experienced this situation.  The bill has been steadily climbing, so not sure what's going on.  Thanks.


Quietly running toilet?


Good chance truth is correct. A slowly leaking toilet is likely the culprit.

joan crystal

Try lifting the lid off the tank on each toilet and eyeball what happens when you flush and when the toilet is a rest.  If water is not filling the tank or if water is spilling from the full tank into the bowl, you have identified the problem.  Turn off the water entering the toilet and either replace the part yourself (if you know how to do this) or call a plumber to make the repair.  If this proves not to be the problem, you likely have a leak somewhere.


Mine went up also compared to same billing period last year.

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