SOMa schools etc in New York Magazine

I hope it works out well, I really do. But with the result that all students are now half-day (instead of full-day as was during full-virtual), and the Covid cases that have been reported across the opened schools just this week... it seems possible we could lose more than was hoped to be gained.

...totals of cases at each school as of Friday evening: 3 at Marshall, 2 at Montrose, 1 at Seth Boyden and 1 at SOMS.

I don't think that article was long enough...

Here's a start for the postscript:

Citing ‘Deplorable’ Conditions and ‘Reckless Disregard’ for Safety, South Orange-Maplewood Teachers Will Not Return to Classrooms Beginning Wednesday
By Bruno J. Navarro  Jan-25-2021

Claiming “unsafe” and “deplorable” conditions that are making learning ineffective and a “reckless disregard” for the safety of students and staff, the South Orange-Maplewood Education Association told Superintendent Dr. Ronald Taylor and the Board of Education in a scathing letter Monday that teachers would return to all-virtual instruction on Wednesday, just a week after the district reopened schools for limited, hybrid learning for some students....

We're getting multiple threads on this. 

So now the Board and school administration need to respond. 

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