Server update

We just had a little system update - please report any glitches you see.  grin

Oh noooos.  Not another update.

Looks like everything is ok.  For those who are interested we just needed to update to the latest version of PHP.  What happens is that some functions get deprecated and no longer work correctly.  We did so an upgrade on a separate server to test the update first.  Looks like everything went smoothly.  snake    ohh   question

I just got an error message, " This page is not working" when I tried to add a post to an active thread.  

ETA:  I've been seeing other errors too.  Two posts, one to each of two different threads, are not showing up on the menu page but show in the thread.  Clicking on the forum link earlier today took me to a page with links in the left hand column rather than to the menu page.  Some threads on the menu page are showing as unread even though I have posted to them.  There may be problems with the server update.

I had to login again when I entered the site today. Hadn't been on since before the recent update, so that could be the reason why. The first page that displayed after I logged in was the site's first page, not the message board's main page. 

we had an issue with permissions - mostly when images were uploaded - most have been fixed.  Will do a bit more debugging overnight.

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