Review of ADL Mechanicals HVAC owner Leon Vagner

I wanted to share my experience with ADL since it has been most stressful and warn against using him.
Leon Vagner put in a new heating system for my home. Only after few years later, the system started having problems but I noticed it had a constant small leak all over, which he was never quite able to fix.
We had spent hundreds of dollar replacing the same parts over and I had suspected all along it is due to the constant leak. B'cos this is a special system he devised as a high efficiency,I could never find someone confident to know much about it.
After another repair by him and now in dispute since he just can't fix the leak that has become bigger,I finally found a great plumber who determined it was the original installation.He pointed out that the pipe that connected to the main system, has a poor fitting gasket after inspecting the system for 5 minutes.This pipe that connects to the system is completely corroded due to the leak, which we did not notice since this is located to the back in a tight space. Please be warned to stay away from this business since he is still harassing me for payment. He did not fix the problem. My 2nd plumber did. Whatever the plumber did, the system stopped leaking for the first time in 8 years.  I filed a report for this incident to BBB but he never acknowledged it. If you look for his business or review there are none. I guess he gets by with word of mouth. We only used him b'cos our contractor recommended him and our contractor is good.


File a complaint with the division of consumer affairs. BBB is basically advertising.
Board determinations make interesting reading.

Does not the OP’s contractor (who is “good”) have a duty to intercede on OP’s behalf?
Was the poorly fitting gasket a result of a material defect, or an action by the HVACR installer?

Will the plumber willingly describe his findings/conclusions to the relevant Board?

Did the OP post this review elsewhere also? Was this a local installation? The drive from Lincroft to SOMA can be a headache. Does the OP believe others here might have hired this installer- Leon?

It's a regrettable situation, but it's a little questionable when someone creates an account just to post a gripe about a business.

Thanks to the two response for suggesting NJ consumer affairs. I will definitely look into filing this information there.  My contractor is not responsible and Leon Vagner/ ADL is the original installer of the high efficiency unit. We have resided in our home over 20 years and he has done some other work for us and we've always had good relation. The heating unit, b'cos we kept having to replace same parts as well as he couldn't fix the leak, I was determined to find someone else who could fix it for certain. Since I have also let ADL / Leon Vagner know what happened but he continuous to not acknowledge this pipe that is obviously badly corroded was the issue. 

As stated, I filed a complaint with BBB. I have posted to Maplewoodonline to warn other home owners against him since he does do bulk of his business in the Essex county. I have also actively used Maplewoodonline when my kids were younger but haven't in the past few years. 

Thanks all.

to ktnry, are you admin for maplewoodonline? how do you know my account is new again?  I don't believe I was gripping but stating the facts and to warn other home owners. 

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