Replace one word in a movie title with "Bacon"

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Instead of Babe, Bacon.

tjohn said:

Instead of Babe, Bacon.

Babe: Bacon in the City.

oh oh you guys are terrible !! oh oh

Saving Private Bacon wink

Little Red Bacon Hood.

The Wizard of Bacon

Gone With the Bacon

marylago said:

Gone With the Bacon

oh oh

Bacon and Misdemeanors

The Bad News Bacon

How to lose a Bacon in 10 days wink

The Seven Bacon

Star Trek: The Search for Bacon

The revenge of the Bacon wink

Much Ado About Bacon.

I know what Bacon did last summer wink

Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Bacon

Dude, where's my bacon ??

Around the Bacon in 80 Days

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