Recommendation for sewer line work?

We had the main snaked out at Casa Moammar after a clog. I figure I should have someone send a camera down there to see whether the line has bellied or channeled. 

Anyone have a recommendation for a good and honest outfit that does this sort of work?

Yours in sanitation, 


Note the requirement to “maintain video footage of jobs and document findings”.

Interesting story. The company got off pretty easy if you ask me.

Is the clog caused by plant roots?  This is a common problem around here.  If you have foundation planting close to the sewer line, this may be the source of the problem.   If this is case, try flushing root killer down the basement toilet (assuming you have one).  Doing  this twice a year should keep the line clear.  

dickf3 said:

Your query reminded me about this

 I had forgotten about this outrage. I will avoid them -- but will drop their name to any prospective contractor as a warning! 


I used a while back (3 yrs?), they brought a camera, allowed me to watch as they did it.  Turned out the issue was further up in stack due to the old pipes having burr's catching the toilet paper.  I was also having construction done for a new bathroom, so I wanted to make sure the plumber had not dropped anything by mistake into the main stack.



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