No heat contest?

Has anyone turned on the heat yet? I'm cold!

Yup - we turned ours on a few days ago. But we did make it into October, which has always been my goal since the original no-heat contest.

Ours has been on a week

Mine has only actually come on twice, though. We have it set at 66 in the daytime and 62 at night.


We have our thermostat turned on, but so far the radiators are still cold in the morning. I don't know if the heat is kicking on at night or not since we do have it set pretty low. It is getting chilly at night so I'm guessing it will be kicking on sooner or later.

Actually the old contest was no furnace, not no heat, as portable heaters and the like were allowed...

Have not turned it on yet!! but it is getting chilly...

Oh well mine are set to 74 since end of September. I like it warm oh oh

Turned it on the other week but it's only kicked on a couple of times. That radiator smell is phenomenal.

No heat yet here. Any day now.

Not until November. Fireplace will have to do until then.

No heat here, but not sure I will make it until November! Fingers crossed!

No heat here. We have pulled out all the extra blankets and as long as it is sunny during the day the house is staying relatively warm thank goodness. I am still a southern gal at heart and dreading the coming of winter!

My heat has been on a couple of times already, set at 69 for day and 64 at night.

I turned on the heat on Sunday after I dragged all the houseplants inside and took the air conditioners out of the windows. As always, it's set at 66 when I am home during the day and 62 when I am at work or sleeping.

no heat, we did turn on radient floors in bathrooms and kitchen but furnace remains off and i am hoping we can get to nov love this contest

I tried testing the radiators last night since we have a new boiler/heating system. (I thought it was better to find out about any possible problems while it is still relatively mild out.) The night was so warm the heat only came on for a few minutes.

No heat here yet. I want to make it to November, but Husband isn't sure he's into that idea.

with 38F low and 20mph winds forecast for Sunday ... I think I'm going to yell "uncle" and turn the heat on this Sunday ...

no heat and feeling comfortable oh oh Supposed to get cold Sunday night and then late next week again ...


it will be extra funny if those of us holding out on turning on the heat finally turn it on and it's broken :O

It's happened before. There used to be a rule that you got one furnace test to make sure it worked.

It felt almost tropical a night ago, I thought of putting on the air.

I always try to make it to November before I turn it on.

I turned the air on tonight.

We were tent camping last weekend and it got into the high 30 ' s overnight. We survived. oh oh

I feel like I could win this year.

new207040 said:

no heat, we did turn on radient floors in bathrooms and kitchen but furnace remains off and i am hoping we can get to nov love this contest
Radiant floors produce heat... Just saying

The No Heat thing just means no furnace heat oh oh Space heaters, fireplaces and radiant heat were acceptable...and one furnance turn on to be sure all is well in preparation to use for the oncoming cold. I used to bake in the oven to kill the chill cheese

Corey oh oh

I have a really nice gas fireplace.

Ended up lasting through the cold sunday without furnace heat, but have a space heater for the bedroom running at night oh oh my goal is to make it to November ...

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