NJ Lottery Tix Online?

With a miserable day at the "office" today, leading to daydreams of a new job or a winning lottery ticket,  and remembering that "you can't win if you don't play," but tempered by the realization that a $2.00 lottery ticket is not a good reason to go out during COVID-19, I found this article saying we can now buy MegaMillions or PowerBall online in New Jersey. But....this site makes me think that might not be the case. 

Does anyone know? 

I've been playing NJ Pick6 every week for years. I once won $200, I've won $60 a few times and I win $3 every few weeks. The jackpots are lower for Pick6 than other mega games, "just" $2-3M, but I think my odds of winning are better than with the jackpots of MegaMillion, etc. (Let me live my dream.) I go the site you shared to check my results every week. (Pick6 draws Monday and Thursday evenings and occasionally I'll play twice a week, but not usually.) 

I once looked at buying the tickets online, perhaps auto-play, every week. (I play the same 10 games with the same numbers very week.) I couldn't figure out a way to do it. 

So, I either walk to the nearby gas station (now with a mask and gloves) or I buy on my weekly early morning Geezer Hour trip to ShopRite. It's become a routine of sorts. The woman at ShopRite knows me and I remain hopeful that one day, that $2-3M will be mine. 

That "online purchase" app seems to be something like Shipt or Instacart - they send someone to a lottery retailer to buy your ticket and supposedly keep it safe in case it wins, and deliver it to you if it does.  In the FAQs on the NJ Lottery website it says:

Can I purchase New Jersey Lottery tickets on-line?

New Jersey Lottery tickets can only be purchased at a licensed New Jersey Lottery Retail location within the State of New Jersey.

No internet sales of New Jersey State Lottery tickets have been authorized by the State of New Jersey.

So I would go with "No" on this question, and you'll just have to go buy your tickets in person somewhere.  I wouldn't trust that app deal.

Powerball & Mega Millions … … … Investing for people who are really bad at math.

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