N&K Prime Market


for all you carnivores ( me included)  having a real butcher in town is finally here.  they have been open about two weeks now-we have been there twice and will continue on a weekly basis for sure.  please pay them a visit.  they are on the former Piast's location on springfield ave.  great addition to town!


Thanks for the heads up!


good to know!  tx


Do they also carry assorted Polish goods?  


bella said:

Do they also carry assorted Polish goods?  

 yes they do.  the owners used to work for Piast's


They’re super nice and accommodating, and have a great selection of meats yet to come (possibly some aged steaks if the demand is there) as they start filling in.  Their NY strips, porterhouses and pork chops looked amazing this AM, and were suitably thick (for once someone gets it).  

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