My grandson just won top prize - East Coast ComicCon

Hooray for him and you

Cool! Any pictures?

Great cheering in this household - would love to see pix!

Congrats but worthless without pics!

Wow, good for him! What did the costume look like? Would love to see it.

Congrats!  You must be very proud!

I can't download from iPhone message. Files are too big.

What was he dressed as?

oh, how cool! Formerlyjerseyjack, he’s obviously clever enough to upload a pic here using your account... cheese

Congratulations to Owen!  

Very impressive. I am sure there was a lot of competition.

Power Armor suit from Fallout! FTW!

Wow that IS fabulous!

wow! That is amazing! Well deserved prize for sure. Not knowing your grandson (or age), I was expecting more of a child’s work. That’s professional quality!

Well deserved.  Congratulations. 

Great job!  Thanks for the picture!

A piece of art! Thanks for posting.

Awesome is an understatement. 


Very well planned and put together! Bravo!

Is he planning a future in FX/costumes? He's clearly got a gift for the realism in this genre.  snake 

He just got his acceptance to the NYC Jacob Javits ComicCon contest. He is taking his costume, (see photo above) and adding electronics to it.

Congratulations on the award and the acceptance to the NYC ComicCon!  

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