Missing your white chicken?

at the Millburn entrance to the reservation there is a white friendly chicken in the parking lot. Assuming he has gotten away from his nearby backyard home.

You might want to cross-post this in the Millburn-Short Hills category.  (I don't know if there are any denizens there who stay away from the rest of MOL or not.)

Someone should get that chicken before it gets into trouble.

Chicken Attack Video

Best thing I've seen online in a while.

Have her people been found yet?

 I don’t know what breed it is, but they basically run the gamut. Some breeds are very self reliant and will be just fine out and about, and will return home safe and sound when they finally feel like it, while other breeds are dumb enough to stare at the fox as it walks right up to eat it. 

The assumption is that it was dumped in the reservation.  Apparently there were two, but now there is just the one.  St. Hubert's has agreed to take it in - now the challenge is catching it.  We tried today with no success.  They will try again tomorrow.  Kudos to the St. Hubert's staff member who tried to catch the chicken - it wasn't for lack of effort in the pouring rain and dense brush.  His effort is much appreciated.

I wish i had help was needed catching them. My 8 year old is an expert at catching our when they decide they don’t want to come back

Yes -- they're beside the red wheelbarrow, glazed with rain water.

No animal control in town?

Spontaneous is their and doesn’t see any wheelbarrow - this IS Locust Grove, right???

I went to Locust Grove.  There wasn't any wheelbarrow.  There was some large construction equipment parked there.  I didn't see any chickens, I walked around, I asked a few people who looked at me like maybe asking about chickens was code for drugs.  Fortunately no one called the cops on me.  I found nothing.  Jerseyjack came and looked with me, we also drove down Brookside Dr to look at some of the parking areas there, but we didn't go all the way down to Cherry Lane.

I'll be in Maplewood tomorrow, though not Sunday.  If anyone legitimately sees these things and they're still on the loose, I'll try to come back.  I have a second unused coop with fenced in outside access that I can hold them in for a bit in case they are actually escaped and their owner wants them back.  

sorry, no wheelbarrow -- was just a poetry joke.

I'm assuming/hoping that no chicken sightings means St. Hubert's was successful in catching the chicken - as I had posted, they were planning to return with better equipment/more help.  Fingers crossed the chicken is safe.  I've left a message to follow-up, if I get confirmation I'll post here.  Thank you for checking to see if they were still there.  Hopefully this is the last of the chickens being dumped in the res.

PVW said:
sorry, no wheelbarrow -- was just a poetry joke.

 Dude, I spent an hour looking for those things.  In the heat, and humidity, two feet of snow, uphill both ways

spontaneous said:

PVW said:
sorry, no wheelbarrow -- was just a poetry joke.
 Dude, I spent an hour looking for those things.  In the heat, and humidity, two feet of snow, uphill both ways

 Aw man, sorry! Thought I was just joining in on the joking tone I thought I saw on the thread -- but didn't translate digitally I'm afraid.

I should probably preemptively warn anyone starting a thread about missing plums..

Best thread title in a long time, and content even better.

Hope the chickens are ok, and the wheelbarrow not rusting or stolen.

{I kept hoping for a thread on the subway goats, but nothing appeared, not even here...}

The chances of that chicken surviving more than a day or two without becoming a meal for the hawks, owls, foxes or even coyotes approaches zero.  Circle of life.

We had two coyotes run through our yard the other day.  One of our chickens was out, the three year old had let her out of their coop and we hadn't gotten her back in yet when the two ran through our yard.  The coyotes just ran through, they didn't stick around, but our loose hen hid inside some very overgrown "bushes" that we hadn't yet cut down.  I use the term "bush" lightly here, the growth in question was two separate autumn olives and filled in with wild roses, and the whole growth had a diameter of roughly 15 feet.  It took us a good 30-45 minutes to coax her out of there long after the coyotes were gone.  They might not be on the level of a German shepherd when it comes to intelligence, but depending on the breed they aren't all that stupid either. 

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