Lost Package with orchid seedlings

The lady who sows my orchid seeds shipped two cartons from Rochester NY, one on Saturday and another on Monday.  The second shipment was received on Wednesday evening, but I have seen no trace of the first (a very lightweight carton, about the size of a case of wine).

Tracking the shipment, we learn that it was delivered at 7:18 PM on Monday.  We were home at that time, but did not hear anything, nor was the carton there on Tuesday AM.  I have to assume, that it was either delivered to the wrong address (which happens quite frequently), or stolen from our porch (which has never happened before).

If anyone finds a box with small plants in plastic bags, please let me know.

Kim Feddersen, 973-495-4863

Fedex mis delivered a package to my friend, it took months to get it re routed.  it was sent back to the sender, sent to a different wrong place again...a completely different town....I don't remember all the details.

recently I walked out and found a grocery delivery on my porch....nothing indicates what service dropped it off, there was no name of the person who ordered it, no receipt, etc.  so no way to try to get it to the right person.

My favorite, when I was scalping tickets....  The event was three weeks away. Customer paid for the tix and I sent them to Jamaica, Queens, New York.  This was a regular customer and prior deliveries went without a hitch.

Customer is pissed.... two days before the event and still, no tix. I mail him a copy of the U.S. post office receipt and he agrees the address is right.

Three months later, they come back. Stamped, Kingston, Jamaica post office... No Such Address.

Soooo, you might want to call the post office in Maplewood, Maine and see if the plants are there, waiting to be picked up.

Well, after 3 years of mail carriers declining to mount the steps to place mail/packages in the outside foyer, guess what.  This package was where it should be, I have just become so accustomed to not even look there, that I didn't see it till Friday evening.

Anyway, the seedlings are safe and will now take about 4 years to grow to blooming size.

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