Hi All,

My family and I just moved to Maplewood (OAKLAND ROAD) from the city. Our cat got out of the house and we haven't seen her in 5/6 days. We've looked everywhere and have been calling her name ever since. 

She's on the heavier side, all grey, short hair with yellow eyes. She is mostly shy and doesn't really go near people she doesn't know. Her name is Kleenex. She does not have a collar. 

Please call if you're seen her, we miss her so much!



I don't know if it is your cat, but someone has posted a pic of a grey cat near Clinton School on SOMA Lounge on FB. 

Hope you find your kitty! 

Here's a pic of the cat. 

I think the one on SOMA was a muted calico, not solid grey

Hi All!

We still haven't found Kleenex, I believe the photo of the cat could be her. 

I tried finding the group on facebook with no luck, could someone please get me the person's name so i can contact them? 

Really hoping this is her.

Thanks for the help!

The owner of the cat mentioned on FB has claimed the cat.  I hope you find your pet soon.

FOUND KLEENEX!!!!!!! Thank you so much to Melanie Troncone for finding Kleenex and to all of the SOMA Lounge members for keeping an eye out and all the support, we greatly appreciate it!! Whoever dropped her off this morning at South Orange Animal Hospital, thank you!! Although she has lost a ton of weight, she is doing good and happy to be home!

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