Looking for referrals to excellent Plumber, a "door guy" and someone to do our basement floor in epoxy

We are in W. Orange and I haven't needed any referrals for a long time, but when we lived in SO I often found excellent referrals on this site, so trying again.

EPOXY FLOORING - The last 2 hurricanes took their toll on our house and we were just able to have a sump pump and drain system installed in our basement mechanical room which we use as an exercise room. We now either need the various concrete-covered drain locations sanded and the entire floor painted - not our first choice; OR

We are hoping to have a nicer looking and sturdier result from having an epoxy flooring material applied to the concrete floor. My husband tried to reach out to a few options he found online, but none responded.

PLUMBER - the plumber we've been using just isn't working out for a number of reasons and we are looking for a new plumber willing/able to do the following:

* remove the "nipple style" anode rods from our 2 tandem-installed Bradford White hot water heaters and replace them with powered anode rods instead (we have the additional required materials to install the powered rods in this type of tank.) 

*Prior to replacing the rods, we'd also like to have both tanks throughly drained and flushed of debris, which has been severely clogging one hot water line to a 2nd floor shower. (We have a water softener and have learned that the anode rods deteriorate MUCH faster in homes with water softeners, which is why we have purchased and installed a total of SEVEN hot water heaters in our home over the past 13 years, not to mention the flooding we've dealt with during 2 of the tank failures!) (Main reason we don't want to call our current plumber bc they just don't believe in draining/flushing hot water tanks.) We hope to easily learn to flush the tanks ourselves going forward and are optimistic that with the powered anodes we won't have much if any debris in the tank due to the altered water chemistry.

* Re-plumb the tandem installation of the 2 tanks, since a plumber recently advised us they're just not plumbed well (another reason to not call the plumber we've used for 13 yrs.) This re-plumbing will include replacing and properly installing a hot water circulating pump. The one we currently have is plumbed to the bottom of one of the tanks (online install videos say it should be installed at the top of the tank) and we suspect it may be responsible for stirring up the debris from the current sacrificial anode rod which then severely clogs the one hot water line to the 2nd floor.

DOOR GUY - Hurricane Ida flooded our basement stairwell such that the drain could not keep up with the water and it pushed open and broke our basement door, resulting in a completely flooded finished basement.  We've replaced sheetrock and repainted and are ready to get our finished basement back into use, but we still need to find a really good door guy to either repair or replace our basement door. Ideally someone who is experienced with the metal-in-metal type of flashing/weatherstripping/seal. We realize this may be a custom door if it needs to be replaced and would really rather pay for a solid referral for a quality door guy if anyone knows a someone who prides themselves on their door craftsmanship.

Thanks very much for any referrals!!

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