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Hi All,

I've just recently moved into Maplewood and am looking for a salon.  I was wondering who you would recommend...

I'm not worried about the cost so much as getting a really great color and cut but also someone friendly.  

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

Highly rec:


I don't do color (just the occasional gloss and that Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse), but Zoku in Summit is skilled and fun, with the bonus that you're in Summit for lunch and walking around. Not sure if it is "bridging the gap between New York and New Jersey," but it has a nice vibe.

Anthony Garubo   -- downtown Maplewood.  So convenient.  They have a lot of stylists and services.  I would go in and discuss your hair and ask for stylist recommendations.

I'm a long time Anthony Garubo fan, going on 14 years.  I highly recommend them...great color!

I used to go to Fringe and loved the cuts that I got there from both Kim and Donna. However, I had to book my next appointment 3-4 months in advance which was difficult. It's been awhile since I've been so maybe they have hired some additional stylists to help out.  There is also a new salon that will be opening in South Orange on the ground level of the Gateway apartment building.  

fringe. I book appts with Kim when I leave my current appt--in over 8 years I've only had to switch a few times and she's been extremely accommodating. I am always changing my hair style and we have fun with it. I'm at the point where I can show a pic, say what works and what I want to change, and like magic—it happens. 

I should add, I've done all lengths, from elbow length, lob, bob, shag, and currently more of a pixie. I'm low maintenance about styling it at home (more time for makeup) and so working with my hair's natural texture and thickness has always been a priority for me.  

I can highly recommend Marilyn's Hair Design at 617 Morris Ave in Springfield, which is near the Wine Library, and closer than Summit.  Marilyn, who is from Costa Rica and Aidya, who's from Columbia, both are highly experienced hairdressers.  Their prices are less expensive than other options, and I have found their skills superior.    It's a small, clean and friendly place and bilingual to boot.  Marilyn comes from a family of hairdressers and taught color in cosmetology school in Miami.  You will be in good hands.  (973) 376-8805

Alma and her crew at Staynd in Maplewood. She's an extremely talented colorist. https://www.stayndcolor.com/

Staynd Color....973-313-3100...Alma is a L'Oreal colorist...Balayage the best an artist! They are open on Sunday's! Check them out on Facebook.

Fringe - super friendly, really good cuts and color. Love Kim. Others are right - you can't just call and get a spot asap. You have to book in advance. That works for me.

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