Just lost power


By Clinton school 


Ok it’s back not too bad.


It was out long enough over by CHS to disrupt the clocks and cause a frantic effort to get out the door this morning.


I found out at 1am that our computer battery backup makes periodic beeps when the power goes out...


So, PSE&G called and blamed the outage on a tree.  I'm guessing they just had to reboot the power in our area and there was a larger outage somewhere else.  I don't think an outage due to a tree fall would take 5 minutes to fix.


Power needs to be turned off to make it safe to remove the electrical wires from the tree.  The power then has to remain off until the wires have been fully removed and secured.  Removing the wires from the tree can easily take five minutes.


I think Jamie was implying that it wouldn’t have happened that quickly 

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