IT question (bulk file creation)

I have a spreadsheet with 360 rows. Each row contains information about an error code (name, description, severity, etc.). I need to move the contents of each row into a separate dita file (a type of text file). The files will be named after the error code, so errcode_0x0001.dita, errcode_0x0002.dita, through errcode_0xCCCF. (Seems to be sequential hexadecimal, although some numbers are skipped.)

I also have the same information in a table in a single dita file with some tagging in place. It's the wrong tagging, but that's easy enough to change with search-and-replace. This make me think it might be better to start with this file.

Can anyone think of a way to automate any part of this process so I can avoid countless hours of tedium? Even just creating a bunch of empty files with auto-generated file names would be a good start, if that's possible. @tom_reingold, any ideas?

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