Infant Care

Hi, just moved to the area and would like daycare recommendations (or alternatives) for a 6 month old.  Looking to get some feedback on what other working parents have done it terms of care for their infant.

Welcome.  I had a nanny for both kids until they went to preschool, and then relied on after-school care at the public schools the rest of the time.  I preferred individualized care vs. the daycare setting.  Know lots of moms who loved the daycare at the YMCA, though.  I also worked from home to fill any gaps.

Good luck.

We have had a nanny for 4+ years and will be transitioning to an au pair now that the kids are getting a bit older and will be in school.  There are large nanny and au pair groups in SOMA.

How did you go about finding a nanny? and what are the costs compared to a daycare?  I'm looking to start day care around Jan/Feb of 2019.  Want to get a head start oh oh

Sent you a pm - wanted to be sure you saw it.  

Found my nanny through word of mouth.  Not sure what daycare costs are.

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