Inadequate handicap spots - Maplewood.

The percentage of handicap spots per parking area was probably set or recommended by A.D.A. act.  That percentage was probably adequate before the Boomer generation reached its dotage. 

The percentage of required, allocated handicap spaces has't changed since the introduction of A.D.A. and it ls no longer adequate.

With parking spaces now lost to outdoor restaurant seating, the problem is exacerbated.

Maplewood doesn't  have to wait for the federal gub'mint to amend the regulations on municipal spaces. They can and should add more handicap spaces now.

(I don't care about South Orange handicap spots since I don't go there much anymore, anyhow).

The last time streeteries went up (during COVID), two handicapped parking spaces on Maplewood Avenue  were occupied by outdoor dining facilities.  In the case of one such space, the handicapped parking sign was used by a restauranteur as an anchor for a string of outdoor lights.  This was totally unacceptable and when an older adult reached out to the Seniors Advisory Committee, we were able to get one of the two spaces reinstated.  I haven't looked to see if the other handicapped space is blocked again.  I will have to check next time I am in the Village.
Another issue is that the streeteries this year are not accessible to those who cannot handle stairs.  There is a steep step from the ground to each of the town-designed streeteries and no handrail to help the mobility challenged go up and down the step.  This problem has been pointed out to the town and they have promised to redesign the streeteries for next year. Hopefully, that will happen.

Joan, thank you for all you do in raising such issues and in keeping the community informed of what’s available and any changes. 
I really miss JTA’s campaigning for accessible parking, and proper use of designated accessible parking and accessible public restrooms. 

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